Cake/Barrage Wrath Of The Gods

Discussion in 'Bright Star Fireworks' started by Pyro Pete, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    RRP £40
    Cat 3
    32 shot
    Mixed bag of just about everything. Filmed by me at the Newsbox Fireworks Demo September 2012.

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  2. dib


    Nice but toooo many dragon eggs for me salutes would be better but you can't please every one
  3. ambientskies

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    Spinners & go-getters - nice effects :cool:
  4. gotta love wrath of the gods...................
  5. You can't see it on this video but there are Green lift mines with the last few crackling shots.
  6. This used to be my favourite firework for about a decade, believe it or not. Great mix of effects, and duration.

    You got two in BrightStar's big barrage packs and I always fired the spare (on its own) for my neighbours birthday on the 4th.
    It still would be my fave, if the price hadn't risen so much over the past few years, and I'd never seen a RP Sapphire (Which I only have 50% success rate with, so still not my absolute favourite) or the mighty Hawks, which now beat this £ for £.

    In fact, stuff the cost, Imma get one for NYE anyway!
    If only I hadn't called the manager of Party Fever the wrong name for 3 years I might have got it at a decent price still. :oops:
  7. Butler_Fireworks

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    What does RP mean?
  8. K9Girl

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    Royal Party
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  9. Butler_Fireworks

    Butler_Fireworks Supports UKFR

    ty been asking or days
  10. @Butler_Fireworks, you need to '@' somebody for them to get a notification, if you're asking directly.
    Probably for the best this time, I would only have made a dumb joke about RP meaning a 3rd off RRP! (hehe :canofworms:, sorry)

    EDIT: And I open another thread and see you've already mastered the ways of the @, forgive me.

    Nice to see Wrath Of The Gods finally getting some attention on the forum, but by my reckoning that means it will probably be discontinued soon, lol.
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