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  1. Firestormpyrotechnics
    Firestormpyrotechnics Dynamite Fireworks
    Hello sir,
    How may i help you?
  2. geoff
    geoff Lets Party Fireworks
    Hi Glenn could you send me a list of May Day Bargains.
    Regards Geoff.
  3. Darren Wrudd
    Darren Wrudd Chorlton Fireworks
    Thanks for your help on email,
    I am looking for the SuperNova rocket pack, prefer the brocade ones if possible or one each if not, could you let me know the cost and if you have them in stock
    Many thanks
    Darren, Wigan
  4. Mikepyro81
    Mikepyro81 Djonny5
    I'm interested on your pyrosure...
    My email is
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  5. standard steve
  6. geoff
    geoff Lets Party Fireworks
    Hi Glenn could you let me know what fireworks you are clearing. I would like a Newton’s Cradle.
    Kindest Regards Geoff Leeder.
  7. John KH
    John KH
    Consultant, John Halfpenny Consultancy & Secretary of British Fireworks Association.
  8. stevenlfireworks
    stevenlfireworks gareth71
    Hi Gareth

    Many thanks for posting pictures of the the Brock's maroon, as I suspected from the Sanquhar factory. Hope you are able to find some more vintage gems.
    Best regards
  9. Chorlton Fireworks
    Chorlton Fireworks
    Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching
  10. pyrowill
    hi after cobra firing systems 1 remote and 2/3 Modules best price used /new need to upgrade
  11. Tinderbox
    Tinderbox Escht
    Hi Escht. When you mention you have a store for selling collectables, is it an online store you have? I'm interested in starting my collection back up again after selling absolutely everything I had back in 2004. I am interested in stuff from the 80's & 90's mainly. Many thanks,
  12. Sukis Fireworks
    Sukis Fireworks
    Nationwide delivery of high quality fireworks available all year round.
  13. pmapyro1962
  14. pmapyro1962
    Mle 96 cue manual firing system, brand new, email me for more details
  15. Fireworks Nick
    Fireworks Nick
    Enjoy Good Fireworks
  16. OmniJme
  17. brook shaw
    brook shaw
    retro pyro collector
  18. fatkat24
    fatkat24 Blackpool Fireworks
    Hi There,

    I have just registered on your website and was wondering if you could please set me up for the UKFR pricing.
    My Customer nyumber is 1193 and email add is

    Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    KInd Regards

    1. Blackpool Fireworks
      Blackpool Fireworks
      Hello Ketan, thank you for registering.
      You should now be able to access the UKFR area of the website.
      If there are any items not in the UKFR area that you wish to purchae, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM on here.
      Neil. :)
      Nov 11, 2017
  19. Luke Cook
    Luke Cook
    Another year to wait !!
  20. nonsequiter