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  1. Richard Lane

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    Got this ...this week ..it’s ..I believe ..a very rare and unseen poster from Standard.
    I haven’t ever seen this and it’s smashing ...others my have already seen it ..but I’ve been ‘in the game’ for years and years and it’s new to me....from Arabian Cascades to our old mate the Pigeon...
    I think it’s great!!:rolleyes::D 559EA251-A242-427F-9877-343AB100FEA0.jpeg
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    Think I saw this as a front cover to a pricelist on here recently. Until then I had never seen one before and didn't know they did it as a poster.
    nice find.........
  3. Tinderbox

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  4. Richard Lane

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    Not as colourful but another quite rare one.... 2FC83713-9A9A-425B-A3B6-F63AD1CFFA7A.jpeg
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    This is really lovely! What beautiful artwork and such wonderful items. The Arabian Cascades are new to me. They appear to be a Devil Among TheTailors flanked by gerbes. Otherwise these items could have come straight from the classic Victorian firework texts. An amazing amount of work would have gone into these - just look at those turned wooden hubs on the wheel devices. Thanks very much for showing here.
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  6. Richard Lane

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    This artwork is if the highest (then) type and character,and epitomises the central core of practically all displays carried out until say the mid/late 1960’s
    Use of particular types of set pieces...fan bouquets....mines...pigeons..waterfalls...horizontal wheels..chromatropes...vertical wheels...lancework images ..etc ..and were all fixed into that style.
    It all began to end with the shift in what the public were entertained by..the advent of television..the net of course etc etc.,,offered vox pop more exciting and immediate things to see.
    Added to that was the onrush coming from China and the advent of the development of the new type of firework entertainment..aerial..and that spelt the end of this type of firework display.
    A great pity..I for one now sorely miss these sort of shows and like the small developing increase in public taste for a little bit of set piece work creeping back into current displays.
    Long my that continue!
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    that's true you never see set pieces , Tank Battles , Aircraft etc.. always good a big cheer ... I find it a little boring with a lot of fireworks very similar ... Bang ,Crackle and a few low noise screechers ... I think it would be popular if brought back ...
  8. Definitely not never here. We used these in 2019 and the Spifire/ME109 battle was scheduled this year for a now-cancelled Battle of Britain 80th anniversary display. Then we have the Skeleton when we do a Halloween show plus a witch/cauldron.
    P1010175.JPG P1010174.JPG Spitfire and ME109.JPG 132_3239.JPG
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    never seen that before, ill give you a tenner for it .
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    Careful lad, stop chucking money about as if it grows on trees............
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  11. Very interesting poster!
    A very unusual way of tying / wrapping those jumping crackers. They weren't usually tied like that. The string would usually wrap around the full width of the cracker and then go up and down between the turns.
    Sorry - just my jumping cracker nerdiness coming out :D:confused:
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  12. Richard Lane

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    That’s What’s so good about this Forum..such varied and interesting comment.;).seriously we are all completely cracked about pyro..... long may it continue:D
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  13. jww

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    Will anybody still be producing components in the UK e.g. big KF style drivers ? JW.
  14. Tinderbox

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    Wells maybe?
  15. LeMaitre and Wells have the manufacturing facility and BS-approved designs but unless UK manufacturers are able to revert to BS post Brexit, there is insufficient demand to justify the considerable costs of CE.

    Some suppliers have imports of smaller fountains so fixed set-pieces should be OK, also lancework.
  16. The “Water Flyer” reminds me of an dog I used to have...Yuk .!!
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    Saw those dancing skeletons at the Shay speedway in Halifax in the 70's.