1. I am thinking the same thing. We now seem to have dum bums back etc, in single tubes, which as you say, are air bomb effects. There is a dum bum roman candles which is basically an old air bomb repeater.

    Flame me for this by all means, but do we really need them? I don't support mass bans, but I think the regs were brought in to restrict the supply of some fireworks while still allowing the sale of many others. Which is a good compromise.
  2. Could be covered by the "erratic flight" ban which removed stickless rockets and the like?
  3. How do you know what gets reported? when someone is sat in a house with the curtains closed and a firework is let off, it just sounds like a bang, no colours just a bang, To say it's salutes only that are causing a problem is frankly ridiculous. Any firework that's mis-used is causing a problem, what suppliers need to do is to keep a tighter reign on who is supplying these white van guys and face book people who will sell to anyone including kids. I guarantee that the current family of hawk style rockets being banded about at around £10 packet cause far more grief than a few salute cakes.
  4. As per the post in my low noise thread, it seems whistles are the loudest effect and to try and remain relevant to this thread they are 1.4G! But then again I guess the high frequency noise from whistles doesn't travel as far as a lower frequency bang. But as above the issue is more a minority of people mis-using fireworks that is causing a problem. That and the red tape that prevents the authorities from being able to do anything before the illegal seller/user has moved on.
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  5. TGR


    1. Hawks are not banned, Salutes are.
    2. Hawks are around 115db, salutes are in excess of that. I know, I have measured them.
    3. A pack of 5 Hawks is 5 bangs. Some of the Salute cakes are 25+.and can be picked up for £20 or so via the same White Van-man and FB sellers.
    4. The salute cakes are marketed as pure noise makers. Here is one quote from an online retailer of such an item. "This cake produces 25 shots of pure trouser shaking, earth shattering titanium salutes! Get them while you can! Basically an air bomb cake, it has been designed for one purpose – noise. We at ****** ******* are certainly confident in saying that this is easily the loudest firework that we’ve ever had in stock."

    So yes, maybe the suppliers should get a tighter grip on things.
    I agree that ANY firework that is misused can cause a problem.
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  6. blackbat

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    I thought ground spinners had made a resurgence the last couple of years?
  7. blackbat

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    The old Standard parachute floating light used to make quite a thump!
  8. alasdar

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    When your sales tactic is giving the impression that they aren’t really legal, and to buy them before they are banned, it’s hardly being a responsible retailer. That said, How likely is a retailer going to refuse a sale of cat 3 items if they know the person has a tiny garden? Is there any real difference?
  9. hofnerite

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    Yes... they are CAT1 ;)
    So sneak in because they aren't F2 or F3. Clever.
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    Describing a banned firework in that way is asking for trouble, or any" air bomb cake" kind of description is not doing us any favours to the community as a whole.

    Do i agree with trying to get rid of them? Short answer is no.

    Regardless of how loud any modern salutes cake is i feel they are not on the same scale as big air bombs used to be.
    Looking at time spent as a kid and the more hooligan friends i used to keep(going back 15yrs),not one would consider buying cake when u had 4 single shots for a tenner, why? Because you have to wait and see it. herin for a yob lies the problem. Watching and waiting gets you caught.

    In this debate I see at least 2 classes of people. One spends good money and naively thinks to none else but themselves. These require educating about the damage/ nuisance they cause.
    The second are the group purposefully trying to cause trouble. For these single shot air bombs and the like are necessary to allow quick exit and easy aim to said area of intended nuisance.

    So agree that singles shouldn't be available to the public for this reason. However to take away anything else its seems silly.
  11. No more than any cake does when the shot ejects from the tube nowadays and the bang when the parachute was ejected was no louder than a small 1.4 cake now,the big parachute chain rockets deployed the parachute with hardly any noise at all and a height a lot greater than most rockets go now,i can never understand why i can go into any ship's chandlers shop or online and buy as many powerful parachute flares as i like which are a lot more dangerous if mishandled and fire them at anytime yet i can't buy a relatively small firework which ejects a single shot that burns for no more than 15 seconds and as far as i know never caused any problem to anyone!,and don't get me started on sky lanterns yet these are perfectly legal,some of these regulations are just stupid!,they also banned hummers on the erratic flight thing but they are now back with even more coming in this year i'm lead to believe.
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  12. That is why I think some of the "multi effect" single shot tube packs might be an issue. Klasek do a pack of 4 single shots where it's a mine to an air bomb effect above, which is essentially exactly the sort of pack that was targeted by the ban in 2003, on the grounds that it was an nuicense firework.
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  13. Plenty of companies make single shot items, it's just Klasek happen to make one with a salute effect. We only imported 40 cases of 30 packs hardly enough to be a nuisance if they was all let off together.
  14. I'd say they seem loud because they're one of the only, if not the only single shot candle with salute.
    They're far from a "nuisance". And nowhere near the banned real air bombs of the past, such as Cosmic Mega Air Bombs etc.
    Brilliant candles though and hopefully they'e here to stay.
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  15. Considering the grief they cause Luke I'm thinking we should drop them. I just don't want to cause or be the cause of grief.
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  16. I hope not mate. I, and I'm sure many others enjoy them. And if I'm honest I'd say they'e no louder than typical mid sized rockets such as Hawks etc
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    You'll get plenty of grief on here if you drop them! :p
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  18. Things that are single shot comets, crackle, spinner etc are not the same as a salute though. The legislation mentioned above says, it is the salute effect as the "principle effect" that is forbidden.

    I think it was single shot airbombs that were the main "target" of the ban in 2003*, as they were considered to be a nuicence item due to their cheapness and noise effect, and their (often illegal) mis-use.

    And to be clear, I don't have personal feelings against or in favour of them one way or another. It's just that that type of firework did seem to be specifically targetted as a "nuicence" item, but is now on sale again through addition of a ground mine effect.

    * along with small rockets, although mini rockets, the very little "pen lid" ones, had gone in 1997.
  19. As long as salutes are used on the proper days and in the correct way then i can't see the problem,don't think i have ever had a BFN without salutes as long back as i can remember,funny how these complainers never say anything about all the big displays that are held all year and use fireworks which are a lot more loud than a consumer salute yet they hear a couple of bangs on bonfire night or at New Year and they are straight on to their M.P.!,i hope we never see the day when all we can buy is low noise small stuff as that will be the day i give up buying pyro!,most people like and expect the bangs as they are all part of a firework's appeal,the biggest bangs often get the loudest cheers!
  20. Very True. I think the issue is that cheaper, louder fireworks have a reputation for anti-social use.
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