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  1. Dear Bazza, I was intrigued to read in this post that you believe that the maiden name of Sarah Hengler was Cannon. Sara is my 5th great grandmother so I am keen to find out more about the Cannon relations.

    It also springs to mind that the a firework maker next door to the Hengler's Westminster premises in a 1835 London directory is William Cannon - a coincidence or a relative? There is an interesting article about the Cannon and Hengler firework manufacturers in Fireworks Magazine Issue 69 pp21-22 which shows near identical price lists from the two companies from 1827. Best regards Simon
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    Bazza Hi..it's coming up to two years exactly that we spoke of Alan Brock..and I promised to send you some details of 'Another Story'..
    Don't want to rush these things!!:rolleyes:
    Outline is that at a tender age of approximately eight I was busily concocting various pyrotechnic mixes in the garden shed and my mother thought it would be wise to write to the then premier firework manufacturer in England… Namely Brocks fireworks ..... to ask their opinion about my antics and the fact that I was demonstrating the fascination in all things pyrotechnic! My mother received a letter and two enclosures One of which being a copy of Brocks history of fireworks and the other the aforementioned pamphlet. I recently moved house and the pyrotechnics collection and documentation is in a lock-up store and the next time I am over there I will look out Alan Brocks very amusing letter in reply to mine my Mumma's
    It's lovely and worth reading
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    Whizzo were in Garratt Lane, Earlsfield as well. I wonder if there was any connection. Tabella were in nearby Southfields.
    Whizzo Advert - 1950 Trade - The Novelty Sensation Of The Year (1).jpg
    February 1951
    Whizzo Advert - 1951-02 Trade - The Novelty Sensation Of The Year.jpg