1953 wh smith trade diary extracts

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    I got a 1953 wh smith trade diary/catalogue off ebay recently because it was listed as having a britannia fireworks advert in it. When leafing through the other nice advertising I found a Benwell one, DSC_8842.JPG DSC_8840.JPG DSC_8841.JPG aswell as a note about the sale of fireworks. Odd that they sold two brands. Does anybody remember when wh smith last sold fireworks as it not something that I remember.
  2. I only ever saw them in Smith's once, must have been in the 1970's and they were Benwell, i remember seeing them loose in a glass cabinet, can't remember buying any as we always had Pains/Wessex, Standard and Brocks back then.
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    Think it was about 3 years back that I heard about an old Co-0p building in Scotland that whilst being demolished a metal storage box was found containing several boxes of 50's fireworks. Unfortunately an over zealous on site elf and safety officer ordered them destroyed before the person I knew could get there to rescue them. Fairly certain those were Brocks fireworks..........