1960's Brocks/Wilders banger stock box

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  1. Mystic Juggler

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    Some of the forum members will know about this as it appeared on eBay last week. Fortunately I was able to purchase it and collected it yesterday.
    It came from a closed shop that has been cleared out.
    Quite remarkable to find in their original shipping box(which is more rare than the bangers) originally shipped with 96 boxes of wilders and brocks it is missing 4 wilders and 6 brocks. So it has 86 boxes now, It has its original posters and a shipping leaflet.
    The shipping box is a bit bent so ill try and steam that square again as getting the bangers out was a bit of a challenge.
    Definitely not something that I have ever seen before and quite exciting. Enjoy!
    Almost forgot about the rainbow box also included, which has 9 of its original 12 bangers 20210503_110607.jpg 20210503_113553.jpg 20210503_112235.jpg 20210503_110614.jpg 20210503_113613.jpg 20210503_113636.jpg 20210503_110153.jpg 20210503_112155.jpg 20210503_110242.jpg
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  2. Escht

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    Interesting that the boxes have A stamped on their sides, don't recall ever seeing that on boxes that I've had as single boxes..........
    Glad you managed to get them, nothing any of us could do over here to do it, great they've gone to a good home and we get to see the pictures.
  3. Sandling Fireworks

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    Wow, what an incredible find. Class 7 Division 2, I remember that well!
  4. Mystic Juggler

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    I believe that the letters stamped on the boxes were the packers/checkers stamps.
    Each stack of 12 have the same stamp but not every stack has the same stamp. Also the packing leaflet has a D stamp. 20210504_140853.jpg 20210504_140816.jpg 20210503_112217.jpg
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  5. Pyro Pete

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    That's a seriously impressive stash of vintage bangers :)
  6. What an eye-popping discovery! I only dream of finding a treasure of that magnitude.
  7. Standard321

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    Wow very nice find.
  8. Richard Lane

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    Terrific find..it’s all still out there...keep searching ..be lucky!,R
  9. Firework Art

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    What a discovery! I'm amazed how finds like this still pop up. There must be so much more, waiting in attics and old storerooms. I wonder how much is being unknowingly destroyed through shop clear outs. One of my local newsagents had thrown out their entire stock of old firework posters, a thick roll of them, dating from the 70s to the 90s, sometime around 2002, a couple of years before I could have done with them. When I spoke to the owner he said he assumed nobody would be interested in them. Heartbreaking.
  10. Richard Lane

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    Mark...It’s really quite amazing ...over the years and years of collecting vintage pyro...I must have been into literally dozens and dozens of shops...warehouses..stores...in fact any likely looking places..and ask the question..do you have any firework dummies..labels..posters ..price lists and the number of finds can be counted on the fingers of say two hands.
    But occasionally...just occasionally bingo !!...you strike gold.
    So it’s always always worth the effort ..cos you never know what’s waiting within.The places where you find can vary hugely...a massive old Standard poster found in New Zealand...
    Brocks colouerd lights and mines in Canada...Wessex stuff from the Channel Islands...and so on and on.I too have suffered the same disappointment on enquiry “oh sorry chap..cleared a lot into the bins a couple of years ago!! ....Ouch!
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