Cake/Barrage 19S NEW GENERATION 8 (JW38)

Discussion in 'Jorge' started by 1st Galaxy Fireworks, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. 1st Galaxy Fireworks

    1st Galaxy Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    • CE marked Cat 3
    • 19 Shots
    • 30mm Calibre
    • Exceptional Quality
    • RRP £30.00
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  2. Exceptional quality is correct! Massive bursts and an enormous hang time are what this cake delivers - well worth the usual selling price of £25.
  3. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Here's three together. Very big, very loud...very good!

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  4. More UK footage of 2018 product. Very loud and big bursts:

  5. Krony

    Krony Supports UKFR

    Filmed on the 11/4/19.
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  6. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    This, along with Crown 500, is one of the best 19 shot cakes on the market.