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  1. Escht

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    Whilst out walking the pup yesterday took a call from a guy down in Wales, would I be interested in buying a box with some old fireworks in it.....
    So here we go again.............
    Not a full box, not even 100% Lion fireworks,,,,,,,,,,
    but my flyer collection just gained 4 new items...............all mint condition.........

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  2. Escht

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    In detail
    Lion 1/- 6 FLYING SAUCER


    LION 1/- V.T.O.


  3. Escht

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    After that brilliant start things have gone a bit flat......... did at last get the early Excelsior Giant Disc Amorces that I was promised a few months ago.Also picked up this plain but nice Brocks Toy Pistol Caps box with contents.....also Standard bengal Matches with 7 original matches inside.

    standard benal matches cont917.jpg
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  4. Escht

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    Things are starting to roll again.......
    DSC06253.JPG DSC06254.JPG DSC06255.JPG DSC06257.JPG DSC06258.JPG DSC06259.JPG
    Funny what some people keep tucked away.
  5. Those procession torches have to be the most ugliest firework items I've seen. They're like turds in tubes.
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  6. Escht

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    Some high tech Brocks gear was in this lot when i picked it up today.........
    As per the diagram on the un-opened portfire packet......... the official Brocks Portfire Holder.................. or as most people would call it A Peg on a Stick.......

    brocks portfire holder918.jpg
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  7. Escht

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    The 2 variations or handguards for the torches........all the torches I got were 1 1/2 hour burn examples, all were Barnum Brand Procession Torches,
    standard shields919.jpg
  8. Escht

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    Then it got interesting...............puzzled me why Barnum Torches had Standard Handguards and nothing else..........then I noticed some faint lettering showing through the Barnum labels........steamed one off and hey presto....... they are Standard Fireworks made Procession Torches.........the Standard info. being printed direct onto the torch casing........

    standard torch920.jpg
  9. Pyromania

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    And to think after all the years of hand firing shows, and seeing various other firers 'contraptions' for holding a portfire at a distance (telescopic hiking poles/sticks, wooden sticks with a hole bored in, old rocket sticks with a portfire gaffer taped to it...) all we really needed was a clothes peg on a stick! :rolleyes:

    Bin your Rothy's, sell up the FireOne, this is the next big thing in pyro ignition! ;)
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  10. Escht

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    No such thing as a new idea, always some clever sod already thought of them.......... in reality the peg doesn't hold the portfire if held inline with each other, but works great if portfire is held in the jaws of the peg at rightangles........ I know cause I just tried it........
  11. Andy_P

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    My thought's entirely! That's actually a damned good idea!



    standard shields919.jpg

    Who'd have thought they'd put the instructions on CD-R all those years ago? :D
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  12. Escht

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    This year is like wading through treacle as far as new finds go..........seems to be the year for the un-usual bits, not really fireworks but made by firework companies........
    Picked this up yesterday.......full rope of 6 Crow Scarers made by Standard Fireworks. As a kid growing up in the countryside these used to ensure we had a year long supply of pyro for whatever it was young lads used to do.


    Not sure how old but my guess is they have some age to them..............
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  13. RocketRev

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    @Escht Looks like it should be part of the detonator apparatus that I've found a patent for in L Le Personne & Co's name. See here.... http://www.directorypatent.com/GB/GB511906.html
    Sounds like a fascinating device.... pity the link only gives the text and not the diagram referred to. Maybe you could find the "box-like housing" to go with the rope? I suppose that'd make for a much more valuable item.

    All I went looking for was some company information! There's a London Gazette item here.... http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/33317/pages/6277/page.pdf ....that shows L Le Personne & Co being dissolved in 1927, although the restructured firm seems to have continued trading in one form or another until 1994 (the final dissolution date I've found). But given the connection with that patent, I reckon the rope ought to date from the earlier period - late 30's, early 40's?

    @ambientskies .... I have an idea (don't worry, it's a small and simple one - I think!).... with your joinery skills, is this something we could make a replica of for demonstration purposes? It'd have to be done in the Cat4 realm, I suppose. But we should be able to get that all in order. It'd make a change from Satan's Pants and Dragons and Daleks!:)
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  14. Escht

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    Thanks for that, will get my engineers head on later and work out what exactly it is that I am looking for...........bet they are out there at the antique fairs somewhere, will also check in any old shooting mags I come across. Probably anyone having one wouldn't know what it was anyway........ I always presumed you just nailed them onto a tree or post, lit one end and left............ I know we used them as bangers when little kids, benefits of being an RAF Brat, the airbases do tend to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere.
    Would be nice now to start finding real fireworks of some age instead of all this unusual stuff that I am getting at the moment.
  15. Escht

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    Amazingly I found 2 more banger types to add to the collection today. Considering the collection has over 160 types in it I only picked up 2 part boxes today and both were ones needed......

    IMG_1634.JPG IMG_1635.JPG

    Also picked up this very rare box label for DISNEYLAND INDOOR FIREWORKS made by WHIZZO PRODUCTS LONDON.

    Maybe things are starting to turn again........
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  16. The cannons look immaculate!
  17. Escht

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    They are, there were 7 in total, one now sits in my banger display cabinet......... always prefer to find part box contents of items I haven't got in the collection, not interested in owning everything, just as long as I can get 1 example I'm happy. If I find a full box then it doesn't get split and that stays untill I can get a single example......same with those Rainbow bangers, were 3, kept the 1 I need...........
    Those Cannons are also a good sized item, was so pleased to be able to add a couple of newbies to the display cabinet........
  18. Escht

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    Nice find today, Pains 2'6 box, empty but different..........
    PAINS 2\'6 BOX996.jpg PAINS 2\'6 BOX REV997.jpg
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  19. Escht

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    A few empty stock boxes and a Tom Smiths Wizard indoor firework pack...........
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  20. pyromatt1987

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    where do you find all this amazing stuff :) loving those old portfires