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    Just been sent a picture of a few bits coming my way in next few weeks........some nice unusual pieces in there even if it doesn't look like it at first. The Wilders Helicopter is a different winged version to the example I already have in the collection.........both are same label on the main body priced at 9d.
    wilders standard group.jpg
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    At last I have the small group of items safely in, although I get promised stuff it is always a worry that it may not be followed through.......... also a few other nice early bits, ........... problem with having other people look for items for you is that occasionaly you have to buy some less interesting bits as well..... ie. the 13 later Standard items plus the 2 Brocks items........but it all comes out right longterm........The Brocks box is very unusual with a depot address of Skelmersdale Lancs, same on all the small round boxes as well........ have shown both views of the Snow Storm, like the instructions regarding the wall..........
  4. Love the box of Brock's caps.
  5. Interested in the "less interesting" bits, will they be going on your site? Or message me.
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    My guess is that those are pre WW2, will have to do some research as I can't remember when the Skelmersdale depot stopped production............
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    All of the Brock's Caps were made at Skelmersdale (until they were made in China) but I'm not sure when the depot there closed. Was probably small as it is quite a dangerous operation apparently. I have a few more photos of Brock's Toy Pistol Caps. Brock's Box - Toy Pistol Caps.jpg
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    Some other Toy Pistol Caps form my collection.They bring back great childhood memories!
    Benwell Box - Toy Pistol Caps.jpg Benwell Pack - Toy Pistol Caps.jpg Pautard - Dedtru Brand Toy Pistol Caps.jpg Contimetal - Toy Pistol Caps.jpg Astra Box - Toy Pistol Caps.jpg Indoor - Toy Pistol Caps (Amorces).jpg Napro Productions Toy Pistol Caps - 1 Pack of 12 Rolls.jpg
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    Used to love getting a roll of caps off my dad over 30 years ago, they had a few uses, 1 in a cap gun boring!!!, 2 In a cap banger (a rocket shaped plastic device with a weighted head with a spring loaded system in the top where you placed a cap or caps in and threw the device into the air the weighted end landed first and the impact caused the caps to explode) 3 rubbing the caps with a stick or something else to make a few go off in a row, 4 the really best bit put the whole reel on the floor and take a brick to the whole lot in one go for a great big bang.
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    Hahaa. I used to love getting a whole roll, putting it on the garden path, covering with a 2p piece and walloping it with a hammer. Ear ringingly good. Happy days :)
  11. These cap pics have certainly brought memories flooding back - my first ever pyrotechnic burn was from a roll of caps!
    Remember how the centre of the roll had a length of cap free paper so you could pull the roll out to load into your gun? Or hit the lot with a hammer lol! Well at the age of 5 I had a roll which didn't have this, I scratched a cap with my nail trying to get the roll out and the whole reel burnt rapidly...burning a "cap reel" shape into my thumb. Bloody hurt that did!
    I ran into the house crying to Mum, and spent the next 20 minutes having to keep dipping said thumb in a glass of water to cool it!

    My second pyrotechnic burn?
    Erm...playing with bangers when I was 16: being a dork like only a 16 year old would.
    Bangers may not have been particularly powerful in 1983, and certainly didn't create a mushroom cloud, but the jet of flame they produced would certainly melt your coat and cause a nasty wrist burn....if you were pretty much holding them when they went off!!!:oops:

    That bloody hurt as well!
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    Lol I have plenty of stories from back in those days as I guess will many of the other 40+ age members in here ;)
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    2 In a cap banger (a rocket shaped plastic device with a weighted head with a spring loaded system in the top where you placed a cap or caps in and threw the device into the air the weighted end landed first and the impact caused the caps to explode)

    You just know this is the cue to bring on more pics to go with the comments.

    A pair of WW2 home made cap bombs cast from lead and then fastened together with string.........given to me by the man that made them as a lad in 1940........

    A pack of 3 plastic cap bombs, one of many types and variations

    Last but not least..... the ultimate cap firing gun any kid wanted, I was lucky and had one back in 1966, just recently found this one and just had to have it..........
  14. TLG

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    Love the lead on string ones, we did have another variation that was improvised too, we used to place the caps inside a nut and thread a bolt in either end of the nut then throw that in the air. It didnt always work but it was a decent alternative if cash was tight.
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  15. A Johnny Seven gun!!! I always really wanted one! My childhood bud Gerald Moule had two!!!
    He used to stick a Cannon banger in the grenade, well more realistic wasn't it?
    The J7 looks immaculate Kev, do all the guns work?
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    Everything works,the bullets fire out, the grenade launches from top rail, the rockets launch, the rat-a-tat does its thing and the detatchable pistol fires a roll of caps a treat.......... the pistol still has a roll of caps in it from the other week when my mates were round here wanting a go with it......... I always wondered how come I got one of these as a kid........ my dad was in the RAF in M.T. Section, apparently a lot of downtime was spent playing poker.....he had a big win and as a result we all got super presents that Christmas........ guess mum would have killed him if he had lost!
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  17. Fantastic! Beautiful bit of kit!
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    I used the nut and bolt, made an impressive bang. Always got Grief from Neighbours. :D
  19. This also worked a treat with crushed match heads - bolt bangers we called them. If you used too many the threads would strip and the bolts would become missiles.
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    Another nice find, went through a collection of old cracker box labels, this was the only firework related one that I found.......... at one time christmas cracker makers looking to increase their sales turned their attention to bonfire night with firework crackers and bonfire crackers being to variants I know of.
    firework crackers  404.jpg