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    It was definately a very nice way to end the year.
    At least they are rescued and it might as well be me that rescued them.............
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    Time for a new topic and title, methinks Escht!

    Many thanks for the reports of all your finds over the last year. :)
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    Hi Andy.
    Reckon you could be right there............ perhaps something like Vintage British Firework Finds........... 2014
    I've enjoyed doing the reports and seeing what others have been finding out there, the quantity of finds was definately down on the previous year but the rarity of the items found was up.
    Think the find that amused me most was the Brocks Peg on a Stick Portfire holder..........
    Oh well, onwards and upwards........
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  4. Hello, I found this site when I was researching Brocks fireworks in my local town Skelmersdale. There was a factory here from about 1950 until early 60s. However, when I go to brocks history site Skelmersdale is airbrushed from history. It never existed !. Does anyone on here know of any history about the said factory. I have an O.S. map from 1960 showing this Brocks site. It was built on an old coal mine. After reading this post it seems Pyro thought that caps where made here before going to China. The company was a big employer of women making banger cases on a peg board, hammering clay into the end of the cases. They were paid by the amount they made. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Included is the OS map showing all the sheds and other buildings, some surrounded by spoil hills. Also a photo.
    brocks map.JPG

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    Very interesting post and photo. Novel use of a colliery spoil heap - a glance at an industrial time, long since gone. Thank you for sharing. There was a note in a past issue of Fireworks magazine that they manufactured small goods there, and that it was bright side only. I have an original Brock’s formula book that mentions trials done at Skelmersdale. I will dig it out over the weekend. Thanks, Chris
  6. Cheers Chris. Look forward to reading it. Chris what does bright side mean ?
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    In the UK firework factories were divided into bright (or black) and coloured sides: the latter made coloured effects such as red and green stars based on potassium chlorate; the former made white, gold and silver effects based on gunpowder and sulphur. Sulphur and chlorates should not be mixed together because such mixtures are sensitive to friction and shock. Therefore, they were rigorously kept apart in factories.
  8. Hi Chris, sorry if I am moidering but any luck with the formula book and skelmersdale
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    F5293B36-8478-4971-908A-D5BBCBB25688.jpeg Hello. Here is the mention of some trials done on small wheels at Skelmersdale in the 1960s over 52 years ago! Interestingly, it looks as though they were plannning to manufacture them at Sanquhar. The technical details are for historical research interest only. Hope you like this little bit of history. Do you have any more photos of the site?
  10. Thank you so much for this piece of history of the industry of our town. If you go to Lancashire archives, then to Red rose collection you can search Brocks Skelmersdale and you will find high res photos of the site. Hope that helps you. The reason that manufacture was going to scotland was that this site was about to shut to enable a new town to be built. It closed in 1967, under great objection I might add.
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    Many thanks for the link - I will take a look.
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    Nut and bolt bombs! It wasn't just me then. Bloody dangerous! Use to get big bolts and slowly tighten them with a spanner. Did one a bit too tight resulting in a whole in my friends bedroom ceiling!
  13. They produced amorces there and at the close of its life and in the course of de-construction, at the request of the Explosives Inspectorate undertook a number of controlled explosions to confirm the distance tables.

    I had a series of aerial photographs (some stolen by a character not unknown to others on the forum). Still have one and I'll try to find it.
  14. Thanks that would be marvellous,thank you
  15. Hello Spectrum, I can only apologise for the gap in these posts but the last 6 months have been a bit of a trial for me. However all seems well now. Did you ever find the ariel shot of the factory in Skelmersdale. If you did I would love to see it. Or indeed anything you may know about the factory. Many thanks....Geoff