2018 Spring Sale

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  1. Our annual Spring Sale is now on until 30th May 2018.

    As usual, we have managed to pick up some bargains, we are particularly pleased in getting the entire range of Benwells pyroblock cakes. A few bargains have also been picked up from Brothers.

    Here are some highlights -

    3 x Benwell 49 shot Crowning Glory cakes for £64.99 https://www.jordansfireworks.co.uk/crowning-glory-x3.html
    Real Mackay Compound firework £89.99 https://www.jordansfireworks.co.uk/the-real-mackay.html
    Skycrafter Redemption £49.99 https://www.jordansfireworks.co.uk/redemption.html

    A full list of our sale items is here - https://www.jordansfireworks.co.uk/special-offer/2018-spring-sale.html

    You don't have to take delivery or collect your fireworks now, we will contact you when we receive your order to see whether you would like delivery/collection now or later in the year i.e. for Nov. 5th.