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  1. Great stash, brings back memories , are any of them boxes up for sale
  2. Richard Lane

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    Used to live at Stoneleigh..by the river just over the hill from the Agricultural show site....used to go to Leamington Spa ..to Rawlings..a sports shop where I discovered Wells!!..aged 6!
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  3. Escht

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    Met your brother Paul on Sunday, he came over to the stall for a chat.

    He's sold me all your collection, says you need the space ;). :D
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  4. Yes, he told me he had been talking to you, i'm not that desperate yet, lol!, but in time, who knows?, once it gets a bit warmer i'll get everything out and take photos as i have no idea what i have got!, my inventory needs updating as some i fired years ago and have added other bits to the collection which is mostly rockets.
  5. Escht

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    1930's Pains distress rocket from a ship with original container.............I've managed to do a swap for this item . Already spoken for ......... a nice historical piece.......... nose cone holds a parachute............... wonder whats going to turn up next ?

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  6. kevin , you seem to have a flair for finding such things , very interesting piece , …….. Is it a red one ?
  7. Escht

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    yes, says RED LIGHT on the label, not easy to see in these pics...... has the Pains Imperial triangle mark on the label, design puts it almost certainly in the 1930's............
  8. Escht

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    Nice 1953 Britannia Fireworks catalogue that appeared on Ebay earlier this week, just arrived in the post. Looks like more bangers to find........
    1953 britannia catalogue.jpg 1953 britannia catalogue 2.jpg 1953 britannia catalogue3.jpg
  9. now that's really nice, great condition , never seen the brochure before . good purchase ,