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  1. Escht

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    Thanks for the picture, see yours has the double air bomb repeater, is that a size 25 or size 30 box ?
    Is that a box you found as is or is it a rebuild ? Wondering if I should swap out my size 4 repeater for a double ......... mine is a partial rebuild using some existing contents..........
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  2. Escht

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    I have now been able to acquire a very nice condition size 35 box, this now gives me 3 boxes that cover the transition from old money prices, through to new pence prices before going over to sized items ........ each box can be dated because of a date code on the back of the motor wheels and bouquet items.
    1970 Standard Dual Priced

    1974 Box £1:80 , only year this was made and last year for priced items, price numbering came in Jan 1975, may have been some carry over of old priced items to clear stocks

    Size 35 Box dated 1976 on back of motor wheel
    IMG_8907 (2).JPG
  3. Tinderbox

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    The touch paper on some of these is pristine. Wonderful finds Kevin. A joy to look at.
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    well explained kevin , nice original boxes .
  5. It’s a size 25 box as it was originally bought but I’ve had others with slightly different contents
  6. Escht

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    That's good to know, my box is also a size 25 , time to look at maybe changing that repeater, luckily I have one in the store.....
  7. I was looking through my lists today as i have listed everything i have ever bought since the late 1960's and can first find the Standard Aerial box in 1977, there are slight differences in that it had a Jack in the Box but no Mine of Serpents or Shooting Star and definitely the two shot Air Bomb Repeater which i always found in these boxes, as the years went by the contents did change with later ones having a mixture of British and Chinese fireworks, the rockets were replaced with Champagne Pop rockets.
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  8. Escht

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    Thanks Peter,
    I've swapped out the size 4 repeater for the size 2 1/2 2 shot as seen in the photo Chris supplied, think it is right now.............
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    Ah been away working but the last couple of pages are a feast for sore eyes alright. :cool:
    Lovely stuff, amazing.
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  10. Escht

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    Latest additions............

    A Lion 6/- box, unfortunately it is empty.......

    IMG_8992 (2).JPG

    2 Brocks 1954 hand held distress flares
    IMG_8994 (2).JPG IMG_8993 (2).JPG
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  11. Escht

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    Someone got these for me, condition not good but turns out I didn't have the Benwell Demon in the collection, so untill a better example comes along it has a new home.

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  12. Escht

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    Having turned this poster down a few weeks back I had the chance to see it in real life today............... unfortunately I couldn't resist it, Think I'll call this a late Christmas present to myself..........

    IMG_8996 (2).JPG
  13. Escht

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    A nice mix of items from an enquiry that came in this afternoon.......... and nice and local for a change.
    Calling all Cars is a 9d priced one, the Super Sonic Bang is also 9d.......... the 3d 3 2 1 zero bangers have just provided me with yet another banger to the collection.
    Everything had been stored in the Brocks box, think the Benwell A box might be complete, will need to check, contents are laid out below it, the 10 loop jumping jack double the thickness of a normal jumping jack.
  14. Are the Chinese Magical Shots and Tri-Color Fountain out of the Benwell box as i never knew they went into importing Chinese fireworks?, i know Brocks did as they were the first but i never knew Benwell sold them, must have been just prior to the merger with Feistel.
  15. Escht

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    Hi Peter
    The box wasn't sealed so can't be sure what was in it when first bought back in the day.......... it came from the fathers house that they were clearing and they were all in that box when found. That label says some items are marked made in China for Benwell and that was also in the box.........
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    I enjoy these threads. Its interesting to see what you come up with.
  17. Escht

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    I'm constantly amazed by what there is still out there, just waiting to be discovered...........
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    And I'm constantly envious...
  19. Escht

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    Just completed a swap and purchase deal with another collector for a few new items for the store and my collection.......

    IMG_9050 (2).JPG IMG_9051 (2).JPG IMG_9052 (2).JPG IMG_9053 (2).JPG IMG_9055 (2).JPG IMG_9058 (2).JPG
  20. What is the small red Pains rocket?, never seen that one before or the Brocks Telstar Launcher rocket, nice to see a Polaris Rocket too, it ejected blue stars.