2019 latest acquisitions..........

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  1. Escht

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    Coming in on Sunday from one of my pickers........... nothing of any interest to me .
    Presuming all live
  2. Jamie Thornton

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    Nothing there of interest to me neither.
  3. Might be interested in the space commanders
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  4. Escht

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    I will give you a shout early next week when they are here.....
  5. nice find kevin,
  6. Escht

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    in amongst the last few bits from the barn there was this Brocks labelled item, from around 1974 -75 when they tried running a range of Chinese items in their boxes
    IMG_9338 (2).JPG
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  8. I remember those early Brocks Chinese fireworks very well, i can still remember where i got them from, a shop that is now long gone, i bought a big selection box and the effects then were certainly a novelty, first time i had ever seen a whistling rocket!, most of these were later sold by Esco.
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  9. Escht

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    7BDA0E97-1D38-439B-8940-493C99F47C71.jpeg 5am start and a good result
    3 more bangers for the collection plus some other nice early pyro
  10. blackbat

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  11. great 1930s, lion Zulu banger . never seen one in the flesh !
  12. all good stuff , even your pair of pom poms !
  13. Escht

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    These 3 take the banger collection up to 349...........
    Lion 1 1/2d Zulu Banger
    Standard Crasher 1/2d
    Standard Atta-Boy 1/2d
    Yet again I'm amazed what is still hidden out there waiting to be recovered...........
    IMG_9385 (2).JPG IMG_9386 (2).JPG IMG_9387 (2).JPG
  14. Escht

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    As used in WW2 American Aircrew parachute survival packs........... dated July 1942
    Both are in perfect condition...........
    RED FLARES (2).jpg RED FLARES 2.jpg RED FLARES 3.jpg
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  15. Tinderbox

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    In Flarely good condition too...
  16. Escht

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    Picked this up today at an antiques fair, late 1940's Wessex Fireworks container, smaller than last one I found and different label.....
    This was the 3" dia. version I found some years ago
    wessex tube (2).jpg wessex tube det (2).jpg

    and this is the smaller 2" dia. version from today..

    IMG_9456 (2).JPG IMG_9457 (2).JPG IMG_9458 (2).JPG IMG_9459 (2).JPG
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  17. These are old shell shipping containers aren't they? Has one ever been found still containing the fireworks?
  18. Escht

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    Yes ammo containers,
    I've not heard of one being found with fireworks still in them......... very unlikely as at the time they would have been very hard to obtain and I can't imagine anyone who having managed to get one wouldn't let them off...........
  19. Escht

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    Four more examples for the collection..........

  20. what a lovely bunch of bangers kevin ! lol