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  1. Beal

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    Hi all here’s my Nov display that I fired at the beginning of December. Only just got the video sorted out.

    It’s across 40 meters and the single shots across 60 which the camera doesn’t do justice like always. It was my first time doing a fully scripted show using a WPS pro which I picked up from the forum along with lots of advice, helpful tips, and of course some great pyro deals all from the forum.

    It turned out not being for the audience I had first planned but I couldn’t hold off firing any longer.

    I did have a little practice before this. It almost went as planned, a couple of timing issues which I think were down to the script and I will admit there has been a couple of dark sky moments edited out. Hope you enjoy. Can’t wait to have another go later this year with a bit of luck.

  2. hofnerite

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    Like I said before, awesome job there @Beal! Some great sequences and some clever DIY stuff too! ;)
    Dark Demolisher is insane on its own but that many 40m wide, wow!
    That must have taken a hell of a lot of planning and rigging!
    Good work!
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  3. RCT


    Those Hong Kong’s, with the single shots worked really well ! The Hong Kong’s I think will have to come back out from storage.
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  4. Beal

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    Thanks. Yea a lot more than I ever thought. I can imagine a show like the one you did this year is another level of work load.
  5. Pyro Pete

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    Excellent work @Beal :)
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    Finale's a bit weak otherwise love it ;) incredible.

    What are the turbillions at 2:20?
  7. Beal

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    I didn’t know what to expect from a lot of cakes as I’d not fired most of them so made sure there was enough in there lol. I was a little disappointed with brocade war.

    At 2:20 you have epic triple whistle and shrill witch.
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  8. Hopefully can have more hands helping next time !! Cracking display tho mate !!
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    Cracking display!!!!!!!!! wish i had the gear and know how to do plus the space :stashten:
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  10. Thanks for this. That was brilliant

    I recognised some of the fireworks in there

    but please could you (if you have time / can be bothered) list out everything that you fired in the order in which it was fired, for reference. Many thanks
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  11. Owen93

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    Cracking display mate ! Can tell you put a lot of hours into prep work and designing it.
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  12. Great display !!
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  13. Well done Ian ....... Stunning, even more so with it being your first real pop at it. im glad all the hard work came together nicely for you. :cheers:
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