2020 Fireworks

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  1. Its that time of the year again. Lots of new and interesting things being discussed for 2020.
    Here is a taste of things to come.

    All the new items below are coming from Celtic Fireworks

    Red Mist - 19 Shots
    rrp - £21.99

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/b2mzr4dcmh4z4ct/HF26-11-19-cake 8.MP4?dl=0

    Misty Mayhem - 21 Shots
    rrp - £21.99


    Colour Crackles - 25 Shots
    rrp - £26.99

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vxy4fcslmnaqei/HF26-11-19-cake 11.MP4?dl=0
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  8. drummer73

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    Are they Prestigious Saj?
    I'll happily have one of each free for testing if need be ;);):p
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  9. Celtic mate ....... Prestigious is working on one or 2 items lol :D
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  10. Saj put twisted bangers up pls, some great new items from Celtic
  11. Maybe it was available last year sorry if so.

  12. It was last year ...... We have Twisting My Melons this year lol
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  13. bangtidy69

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    Some great cakes I want for my bday don’t make us wait to long :D
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  14. danielpyronutter

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    Some absolute stunners there.
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  15. I wish the beginning of hasta la vista was the end wonder if it has two fuses ?
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  16. danielpyronutter

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    My picks for personal favourites:
    1.misty mayhem, nice mini sib
    2.purple plums, lovely bursts
    3.calmez vous, just lovely
    4.easy tiger, like the reds
    5.whoosh, just like screaming ufos
    6.spun out
    7.Guilty pleasure
    8.its showtime, beasty
    9.ill be back , nice firing pattern
    10.hasta la vista baby, just straight awesome
  17. W.T.F From Vivid Pyrotechnics
    512 Shots (F2 1.3g)
    RRP - TBC

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  18. Absolute beast of a firework looking like another new year with fantastic fireworks :D
  19. 57 Shot SIB - LOOSE CANNON (20mm F2 1.3g)
    RRP - TBC