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    @Chorlton Fireworks Any idea for a price on chop on Chris? And is it exclusive to you or all Celtic retailers?
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    I first thought it was 4.4 kg, now unsure if its actually 440gram?
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    it says 999.76g NEC on the box. o_O

  6. Its not exclusive to me as i have made a number available for trade customers which a few have already been in contact ..... So i am sure it will be available from a ltd number of other suppliers who will also be stocking Pyroclastic Storm

    Price point tbc
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  7. After the last year or so of being involved in the process of firework design / production this shows me more than ever there is very little difference between 25mm & 30mm and I'm wondering is the price difference worth it ?
  8. I can certainly tell the difference. I think you need to get yourself out more and light some gear :p:p
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  9. lol .... na pal its not seeing the difference thats the problem its wether the price is worth the differece
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    I should have gone to spec savers..:oops:
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  12. 100g NEC F3 rockets from Funke:

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    The willow/brocade 1 is awesome
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    Perfect :)
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    I shall post and run and hide...... What's the price point and bore point that gets us into the truly good garden firework range? Might that not be the big issue for 2020 seeing as how things are going this year? The quest for brilliant fireworks has brought us a wonderful selection that we want to put on our shopping lists - right in a year when getting out and doing displays with the audience and space they require just might not be available to so many people. These are fireworks I'd be after in the blink of an eye if I could do my usual community display in a school field. But I can't really buy now in a year that I'm limited to my garden - even my vicarage garden isn't good for the proper safety distance all round - from potential spectators in my garden and in neighbours and from the houses, too. And I've got one of the biggest gardens out of 10,000+ homes in my area! In my last parish there where thousands of new houses being built in what were fields - plenty of space you'd think, but they all have small gardens.

    I know that the regs say that technically a big blasting, wide spreading large bore firework can be a garden firework.... but that's only because fallout space has been taken out of the equation. And we keep saying how so may of these fireworks need to be viewed from a distance to properly appreciate them.... and not viewed from so close up that you're looking so straight up that cold ash fallout is dropping in your eyes, nevermind the hot stuff.

    We're saying in a year when a pandemic is disrupting the big public displays, it might be a good year for the family home fireworks retail market. But do we really have the goods that are well suited to that use? And I suppose that, even if we do, trying to persuade people to buy them for their eyes' sake will be just as hard as trying to persuade people to social distance themselves for their lives' sake!
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    Couldn't put it better:)
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  17. I would say between £30 & £60 and under 20mm bore.

    I think it is important to also acknowledge the growth in numbers that do stick to cat 2 small bore items when they don't have sufficient space as well as those that do have large gardens or access to fields that can use F3 with no worries.

    One of our best selling fireworks is Mini Mish Mash which is a great little 100 shot firework with 16mm tubes for under £40
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    I've found greed with fireworks isn't always better unless you have a field for a garden. I've found especially newer more powerful premium items primed, Celtic, brothers ect 15mm 20 max is plenty. Some of the bursts you genuinly couldn't guess what catagory it should be based on burst alone. 25-30mm items don't always pay off as you can't really see them properly. higher flying items same problem as spectacular as they are from a distance you can kind of see the underneath in a garden. Although safety wise I can't see a problem if their bursting 30 meters up it's the view that's impacted ;)
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