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  1. Escht

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    I would think early to mid 1970's..........
  2. I used to buy the Guy Fawkes Mine and that would have been in the 1980's, it became plastic later on.
  3. Escht

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    This is what happens when I'm bored and walking around looking for stuff to buy........
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  4. always said you where a bit of an outlaw ( a dick terrapin character )
  5. Escht

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    tried riding an orse once........ fell off...........
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  6. TONYB

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    was it rocking ?
  7. yes , the horse was --- with laughter !
  8. Escht

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    dangerous things horses, no steering and no handbrake , was only a kid when it happened but I learn't enough to stay away from them.......
  9. Escht

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    Coming in the next week, 4 size 25 Party boxes and 5 size 15 boxes, all still sealed, although I will open one of each so we can see the contents
    Standard boxes group (2).jpeg
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  10. jww

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    Cool ! BTW, you'll know that on the matter of sealing of boxes, the kit to apply the sealing can be quite modest, I know some shops have a machine - so just for interest, it's likely possible to get stuff sealed up again without too much overhead - I believe this to be the case anyway. Best; J.
  11. Pyro Ed

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    Think I've got these, if not I'll be interested.
  12. Escht

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    Just back from fetching the latest batch of goodies from the ongoing shop clearance. Apparently still more to come........... and still I'm none the wiser as to what it will be. Seems to be more of the same each time with a few new surprises thrown in for good measure.
    IMG_3278 (2).JPG
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  13. another great batch kevin ,
  14. Escht

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    Just back from up North picking up this little lot..........all complete with original contents 26 boxes, were 27 but one has already gone to a new home whilst I was on my way back doing deliveries.
  15. Jamie Thornton

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    Saw them in the flesh:).
  16. blackbat

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    Interestingly, there is a currently active company called Wilders Fireworks Ltd.
  17. wow, that's more wilders boxes than I imagined.
  18. Escht

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    As time goes on and we uncover more old pyro I'm finding that nothing surprises me anymore.
  19. you mentioned in another thread about these wilder bangers being a find from out of the blue, a lead from an odd place/person. I had a similar thing happen to me last year, a collector friend in the Netherlands messaged me (in the USA) about an old pack of firecrackers in the USA that he had seen online and he alerted me to it. I was able to make a deal for it and have a friend pick it up for me, but it's crazy how a euro collector saw it and let me know about it. the stars had to line up for that item!
  20. Escht

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    Reckon that's it for 2021, the ongoing shop clearance has ground to a halt until at least later in January and there's nothing new in the pipeline. It's been an exceptional year with a lot of non collection related finds recovered from sheds, attics, garages and shops. Looking forward to seeing what can be found in 2022.
    Now it's time to start thinking about doing the dreaded end of year accounts and what I'm going to do with the store going forward.
    Most items that I find that I don't want for my own collection seem to find homes very easily and very quickly. the store has pretty well stagnated for months now despite having hundreds of vintage items in there. It's a lot of work uploading pictures and really not worth the amount of time and effort that I put in to it. Early next year there will be some big changes to how I do things.