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    Thanks to everyone that visited the store after it re-opened this evening, there was a brisk number of orders , first of which was in by 5 mins past opening time......looks like a number of people managed to get a few bits.... don't know of any glitches so presumably all went well.......plenty left and plenty for me to sort out in the morning.......
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    Hey, Kevin, thanks for all your efforts - keeping good olde British pyro in quality collections to preserve it for the future ! - good work. Best; John.
  3. Always thought that the design of that 12p star shell repeater was very odd for Standards line up . Anyone else think the same ?
  4. thanks for your efforts kevin, i did visit your store last neet , - i didnt plump for owt though , There was nothing i fancied - but maybe next time !
    cheers : ss
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    Theres nowt much you can be needing now after all these years, maybe just need to find some space by getting rid of some stuff........ :D
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    Yep had some bits ..lovely stuff Kev..well done ..R
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    Starting sorting through boxes again,
    Small selection of Brocks International items, some are just badly relabelled Standard items , those Star Delights still have Standard top paper, Brocks logo is just a sticker............... by this stage of the game it looks like Standard had all but thrown the towel in and given up trying.

  8. Escht

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    A few bits from the mid 70's when Brocks tried introducing re-instruction labelled Chinese items....
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  9. A lot of those fountains are just re labelled Horse Brand fireworks which Brocks first brought in around 1982.
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    i would say earlier than that, 1975 as they are in the Brocks Chinese boxes that they brought in that year .....I have them in the small AA boxes, AC boxes and the CC boxes that they did....
    also in their Polypack range

    I'm just sorting through that big storage box of mixed Chinese and German items....... so far I've found Horse brand, Tigers Head,Feistal, Weco, Moog-Nico,Top Series Lunig made for Standard,long 8 and 10 shot candles with pagoda symbol made in China but labelled made for Standard Fireworks and some odds and ends made for Octavius Hunt Ltd.........
  11. Moog did make very decent rockets that were near on par with Zink back in the day. Moog is a name i have not heard of since the 80s :)
  12. Those little Rockets from China were a real laugh .The wild Geese one would sound more like a wheelbarrow with a rusty wheel as they struggled to clear the privet hedge .Some had little parachutes with a weak small flare dangling and others very small brown paper tubes with BP in them which produced a tiny willow come flying fuse effect .
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    The contents of that plastic tub
    Octavius Hunt
    IMG_1984.JPG IMG_1985.JPG IMG_1986.JPG

    IMG_1988 (2).JPG


    IMG_1991 (2).JPG

    IMG_2017 (2).JPG IMG_2016.JPG IMG_2018 (2).JPG IMG_2020.JPG



    IMG_1994.JPG IMG_1995.JPG


    IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1997.JPG IMG_1998.JPG


    IMG_2024 (2).JPG IMG_2025.JPG IMG_2027 (2).JPG IMG_2028.JPG IMG_2029 (2).JPG IMG_2030.JPG IMG_2031.JPG
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    IMG_1999.JPG IMG_1992.JPG IMG_2001.JPG IMG_2003 (2).JPG IMG_2005 (2).JPG IMG_2010.JPG IMG_2011.JPG IMG_2012.JPG IMG_2013.JPG IMG_2014.JPG IMG_2021.JPG IMG_2022 (2).JPG IMG_2033 (2).JPG IMG_2034.JPG IMG_2035.JPG IMG_2036.JPG IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2039.JPG IMG_2041 (2).JPG IMG_2042 (2).JPG
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  15. I remember a lot of them from early ESCO days .The magic shoots are the ones i thought were in Benwell boxes i mentioned in a earlier post ..I recall the magic shoots having a bad fail rate struggling to passfire between shots on our ones we had one year .I have never seen those Moog candles before though Kevin....Interesting :cool::)
  16. Fired loads of those and I have the odd one or two in my vintage store.

    And there is a Happy Lamp - hugely popular at the time and still available for public sale in the USA.
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  17. The candles with the pagoda symbol are Temple of Heaven brand, first saw these when Black Cat started trading over here, the larger Standard candle batteries has these inside too, there are many types, i can see you have some Magnolias there, i knew Weco made big rockets for Standard but the ones you have there are new to me, must have been a few firms doing it as Astra had a range out at the same time made by Comet in Germany, i've never seen those Jumbo Parachutes before either, there used to be a little rocket that ejected a tiny one that burnt for about a second!
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  18. No 'Lion' candles though - we used to nickname those 'farting lions' for obvious reasons.
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  19. Richard Lane

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    I remember those candles...I used to use the “Flashing Thunder” and “Chirping Orioles” by the box full.
    They used to be obtainable in packs of 6 x 100 of those packs in bloody great outers.
    Used to fire them for public shows in batches of 200 to 300 with clipped 2” bits of black match poked into the priming and cross black matched with lengths spanning the top...and the whole lot topped with foil.
    They were great stuff..The Bangers went BANG!! and the Orioles screamed like hell.!!
    And they were fairly cheap then...about..I don’t know ..about 2/- each for quantities at that time which was roughly 1985 ish.
    I have a couple of each kept in my collection...a bit “young” for my collection but nice to have them still.
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    Yes! I can remember fusing loads of those cello wrapped bundles of 6 for smaller shows - bit of tape round the top and bottom to hold them together, and then either black match poked across the tops of them all, or tapematch if time was at a premium!! Then affixing the bundles of six onto candle frames to make fans of 5... thankfully within a few years the importers got the Chinese to do the fusing, and added an extra candle to make the now infamous hexagonal 56 shot bundles.

    I also remember the Flashing Thunder candles to be pretty loud too - I remember one large show where the boss of the company that I was with at the time decided we’d load two cases (which is 144 x 8 shot candles for those that don’t know) of Flashing Thunder candles into a metal dustbin, covered the whole lot in black match and made a 2,304 shot air bomb repeater!! That was a good show!! :D Especially with the ‘Flaming Shell Cakes’ from the same era....;)

    Yes, we were similar but called them ‘Farting Zebras’ for some reason - God knows why when they were called Lion candles, but a great, fun sound nonetheless!! :oops::D
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