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  1. Those fireworks with the scantily-clad women on them ... possibly the tackiest labels ever made. Ideal for setting off in a red light district though:whistle:
  2. Tinderbox

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    I remember the orioles as a green star to hummer with inconsistent performance. Some 'zipped' some 'farted' and some 'whizzed' with a bit of a chirp/ snorty whistle.
    Or is that the Lion ones? Going back a few years mind.
  3. Tinderbox

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    The Flashing Thunder candles had actual crackers in them. Me and my mate snapped one open (like teenage lads do) and found paper fused crackers with the classic daisy wrap. Ended up throwing the lot into the bonfire because we were too scared to light the very short fuses. Embers scattered all over the floor. Folk scarpered and some danced to doge the glowing coals. A big bollocking was had but so too was much fun.
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    That’s the reason...they were very pleasing..gave a terrific crackboom....about 6 rounds per candle as I recall..as a later “refinement we construct fan batteries made of 200mm dia stainless steel (cheap off cuts from a mate who had a flue business)
    Five fixed to channel ..spot welded ...about 500mm high each..so we could put up ..two fans at a time... equally spaced on the display ground.
    Each tube held around 25 candles each...x 5 made for 125 candles each fan x 6 shot apiece 750 rounds a 2 batteries made for roughly 1500 shots !
    The Orioles used to be fired set opposing forming a fire arc across the site...same sort of battery arrangement but each had the tubes angled at about 60 degrees ..staked and tied ...good stuff..crowds used to love both of these candles.
  5. Escht

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    Table boms, have party hats and small plastic animals in...... surprisingly......
  6. Escht

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    A few live rockets
    IMG_2055 (2).JPG IMG_2058 (2).JPG IMG_2064 (2).JPG IMG_2067 (2).JPG IMG_2070 (2).JPG
  7. Escht

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    couple of later Standard items, live......
    IMG_2053 (2).JPG IMG_2054 (2).JPG
  8. I still have some of those Standard rockets,nice to see the Pains ones again too, the Polaris ejected blue stars and the Canaveral coloured stars, is the other one the Minuteman or the Mercury?
  9. Escht

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    It's the Minuteman
  10. Jamie Thornton

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    I was guessing that the Polaris rocket might have had silver tail with snowflake
    type stars hence (Bright rocket), interesting that it was blue stars.
  11. fozzboy

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    I thought The Polaris Bright Rocket had a large Bright Silver star ... , sure I can remember us thinking it was like a small Snowstorm composition ... Maybe I am wrong
  12. The Polaris definitely had blue stars, two to be precise, i had many of them and have a really good memory as to what fireworks did back then, the Minuteman ejected five red stars, the Mercury was like the Polaris with two blue stars, there was a larger two section Saturn 5 rocket in that series too, never bought one but have seen one fired, ejected white stars.
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    a few more bits out of the boxes......
    IMG_2091 (2).JPG IMG_2092 (2).JPG IMG_2095 (2).JPG IMG_2107 (2).JPG IMG_2109.JPG IMG_2111 (2).JPG IMG_2113 (2).JPG IMG_2115 (2).JPG IMG_2117 (2).JPG IMG_2119 (2).JPG IMG_2120 (2).JPG IMG_2124 (2).JPG
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    Going in the store, Kev?
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    can be sold before that, anything left will go into the store this Monday.......
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    have a number of these to sort out.
    They are labelled for use in the Norwegian market,at some point they have been converted to display use, presumably to use up stock that couldn't be sold to the public.....some have had around 18 air bomb tubelettes added (far left), some are a mix of airbomb and whistles....... not checked the cracker ones but expecting those will have jumping jacks in them ? Some, just a few still have their top cover paper but most just have brown tape covering
    The complete example untouched went to the SA collection, last picture shows one restored back to almost original condition, just need to work out something for fuzetubes
    IMG_1577.JPG IMG_1578 (2).JPG IMG_1616.JPG
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  18. To whoever purchased, I may have an old wooden centre plug.
  19. Escht

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    I've got one in my collection also missing the centre plug so would be interested
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    Would the Lion candles be the same ones Kimbolton had in their cat 4 section ? I must have fused thousands of those together on fans in the past.I called them ploppers :)
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