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  1. I would love to fire the Standard Floodlight again just to see if they are as bright as i remember .Even around the bonfire with loads of light in the mix they still seemed to live up to their name .
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  2. Pyromania

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    I’d say so - I’m sure most imports at the time came from the same handful of factories in China. Most candles were Temple of Heaven - recognisable by the logo at the top of the candle that looks like a traditional oriental pagoda. :)
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  3. Richard Lane

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    Yep..that’s quite right..used to notice the Pagoda on a lot of product of those times.R
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  4. Escht

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    Took delivery of a parcel yesterday containing 7 original Standard rocket sticks from late 70's - early 80's for size 9,12,15 and 20 rockets............ every little bit counts.....

    IMG_2440 (2).JPG
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  5. Escht

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    Looks like I've just about finished photographing and listing all the AF and SA collections........ apart from a Standard £30 price marked 1989 era Gala Box it is all done... and as far as I know the AF collection is now completely finished and there won't be anything from the SA collection for quite some time.
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  6. Tinderbox

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    were these branded with a hot metal stamp or is it ink?
  7. Escht

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    Ink print
  8. jww

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    just a left field note - if repairing old pyro, labels appear to be a rather / very tricky challenge. I've recently experimented with a) removing a label from a dummy by soaking with water b) flattening the label as much as possible as it dries c) looking at ways to create a label repair / replacement in certain situations.

    We've got easy home / online colour printing.

    We've got scanning built into consumer level multi function printers. Last part of equation is how to do the repair of a scanned image.

    Modern photo repair software, which is mind bogglingly sophisticated these days, is one option. A bit of success as a non-specialist repairing a label scan like this.

    If anybody has any skills / inputs, all welcome :) J.
  9. Escht

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    I've been waiting to collect this since start of lockdown......... 1930's original shop dummy item........ it's not going to be available
    IMG_4385.jpeg IMG_4386.jpeg
  10. jww

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    Wow - "window dressing" - the days when things for sale were behind glass windows rather than Windows windows...I wonder which aspect was the subject of the Pat.? - Maybe the way the pipe was flattened, or the little bearing plate, or the overall design? J.
  11. Richard Lane

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    Kev..what a brill find...that is truly definitely superb..an BT classic ..well,done my mate!
  12. Escht

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    One of my contacts bought a load of old tins and in one of them they found that wheel..... this old vintage pyro likes to lurk in quiet little hideouts........
  13. If memory serves me right (which is a bad assumption to make...), James Greenhalgh filed a patent application for coloured pin wheels. This might be one of those in dummy form.
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  14. Richard Lane

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    489436F2-0500-43ED-8122-4D3BE17582A5.jpeg 993D20DF-55C5-4C4D-8148-594E99685039.jpeg 2897C781-649A-4205-9DAC-6403ACEEAE3E.jpeg F8FA874B-0892-4D8C-83A4-89F962E52D43.jpeg Chris...I agree re this...could very possibly ...anyway ..what a classic BT item it is
    The Catherine wheel is the very essence of the BT era...and still nobody is quite sure why/how it works so they say!
    (Here’s a few of my favourites ..)
  15. jww

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    re: the physics of the wheel rotation - why isn't it a simple reaction motor? I recall Brock says it can't be a reaction motor due to lack of venturi - but sparks with their vigorous direction ( vector ) is manifestly going to produce a reaction - hence the rotation. Thoughts ? J.
  16. It is.

    Try this:-.

    The "Catherine wheel" is a firework that consists of a coiled tube of powder which is pinned at its centre.

    If the powder burns at a constant rate of 20g/second such that the exhaust gases always exert a force having a constant magnitude of 0.3N directed tangent to the wheel, determine the angular velocity of the wheel when 75% of the mass is burned off.

    Initially, the wheel is at rest and has a mass of 100g and a radius of r=75mm.

    For the calculation, consider the wheel to always be a thin disk.
  17. Saltpetre

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    Perhaps the same as for a rocket ? Impulse = Change in momentum. Impusle = force x time. Force is constant at 0.3N. Composition burns at 20g/sec and has a mass of 100g (assuming thin disk). 75% is therefore 75g. Burn time is 75/20 = 3.75s Thus the impulse is 0.3 x 3.75 = 1.125 Ns. Now the momentum in this case is angular momentum = mass x velocity x radius. At the end of the burn the mass is 25g, radius is 75mm so 1.125 = (25/1000) x (75/1000) x v Thus v = 600 m/s ..... a bit crude and one shoulld probobally integrate over time but hey .....
  18. blackbat

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    Almost Mach 2? :eek:
  19. Saltpetre

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    lol yes - ie fast but that is quite a big wheel plus there will be some losses in the bearing / pin. My conclusion was that even a small amount of composition will make it spin fast and that does seem to be confirmed by observation
  20. jww

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    I guess 20g a second would be an ENORMOUS wheel ? - ( with the usual amusements of non-linear scaling in such matters ? ) - just giggling now - assuming a Diamond Sun pin wheel - 90 secs would be nearly 2kg of comp...now that would be some bit of kit - dazzling for sure - the first 1.1 pin wheel produced ?!?!... :) J.