20grm salute rocket.

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  1. Funke’s owner informed me today he’s been watching old videos from the UK and saw that we used to have great salute rockets, he went on to say the Spainish have been calling for louder salutes and have successfully shouted loud enough that they are now being allowed 20grms flash rather than 10grms rockets.
    He wondered if we would also be allowed. ? That would be a big fat no I guess.
  2. What is the current gram and current Uk maximum db?
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    Aren't dum bum rockets basically mini salutes? It might come down to what is the primary effect, maybe if they stuck a whistle or crackling tail on it...
  4. I thought the flash content of a rocket was restricted by the overall NEC count. As I understand, (and I could be wrong), a 1.3G rocket can have 20% flash and a total NEC count of up to 200grams. If the rocket reached the upper NEC limit would this not allow for 40grams of flash?

    The upper noise limit for all fireworks is 120dB.
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    Louder? their local made salute rockets were pretty awesome, double the charge they will be mental :D

    (I still have a bunch of these in my Spanish shed I daren't let off for fear of upsetting the neighbours :oops:)

    Cohete Bomba No4.JPG

    Cohete 1.1G.JPG
  6. I think but others know better it’s 10grms maybe AF or TGR will confirm. Buy we are talking salutes with a primary effect so not the same as a normal rocket, if you put 40grms of flash in a 200grm rocket the effect would be blown all over the sky,
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  7. Nasty!
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    Under UN Defaults, Flash limit on a 1.3G rocket is 25% of total NEM, any more than 25% and it becomes 1.1G. However, BS EN 15947 places a total NEM limit of 200g and a bursting charge limit on F3 rockets at 10g for a perchlorate/metal composition or 20g for a nitrate/metal composition. So in practical terms (as @The Powder Keg stated), 10g is the limit for a bursting charge (as most are perchlorate/metal compositions.

    So if you combine the two standards, then the maximum ratio to burst/nem you could achieve is a 40g NEM 1.3G rocket with 10g perchlorate/metal busts charge.

    This all relates to rockets being consumer items. The Spanish may well have produced something different, however it should not be allowed as an F3 rocket but instead should be a P2 rocket, meaning you need to be a person with specialist knowledge to buy and/or use it.
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    Clear and precise :chaplin:
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    Slight nostalgia trip... the Spanish Salute rockets (think sold by Fireworks International and branded Happy Dragon - we're talking the year 1999 here before some of you were born) were amazing. Discovered if you shake them first the bang was louder. I think about £2 or £3 a pop, those were the days of making a statement in your back garden.

    Who remembers the Super Blitznall? :eek::eek:
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    Those were the days for sure mate
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    I always thought hell raisers were the loudest. Unfortunately never got to fire any myself as I was 15 when they were banned but I did see/hear plenty of them. :D
  13. Zink 901 signal rockets were the loudest.
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    No; Spook Shock rockets were the loudest. At 70g flash there was no comparison. Scary does not begin to describe the whole concept of them.
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  16. Wonder what the grams for Zink 901 as vaguely remember they had a plastic top bung with space for some flash top up from another for some extra thud. Not that I would condone that sort of behaviour nowadays as probably 30 years ago. Not sure of the year the ban for these came in? Fun at the time or so I thought!
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    naughty boy, 3 hail marys for you.:rolleyes:
  19. Spook is a brand i have never seen anywhere in the South of England so those Shock Rockets were never available around here so i have no idea how loud they were.
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    A very long time ago Kimbolton used to do some very loud ones, I still have one although it's stick was broken but I do have some spare sticks so it's not a problem.