20grm salute rocket.

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  1. Imo,
    Spook were loudest 63grs flash, just , then Weco super blitzknall, I was the first to bring these to the uk, then partnered up with steve button, Nigel and his dad Bob and planet took over the importation.
    Zinc were good but not as loud as the two above.
  2. Igual?
    The largest flash ones had a cylindrical card flat-ended head ~3in long x 1in diameter.
    The smaller ones had an orange card head with an end taper ~ 0.5in diameter.
    They also did Zink ones (labelled garden fireworks) which were black with a plastic plug.
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    Unearthly loud.
  4. From memory Blitzknalls were about 14g flash and Kimbolton Signals 10g

    Then enter the Spook rocket at close to 70g and it all turned to shit.

    The Man doesn't take kindly to phone boxes being blown up.
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  5. I’m sure one year it was reported that every red telephone box was destroyed in Liverpool.
    Spook went higher than Blitzknall’s so didn’t seem that much louder.
    Any firework can be misused but without doubt the shock rocket was a major contributor to the regs changing.
  6. I think theres a video somewhere of 6 cases of those spook rockets being burned.
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    Many a man would be more than happy to be blessed anatomically with something like it.
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    Indeed, lol looks like a large bottle rocket.
  10. Would love to get hold of one for my collection :D

    Below is the super blitzknall and zinc 901

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    HSE did a Series 6 test on large Salute Rockets many many years ago and we saw the video. The result was extremely disturbing and was instrumental in the review of the UN Default List. In short, the test area (which included several tons of sand) completely disappeared in milliseconds, and then several seconds later, debris started coming down, have been blown hundreds of feet in the air!
  12. Ok but there intended use is to go in the sky where and when it’s safe so don’t really get the problem?
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    Missuse by yobs mate is the problem
  14. But anything can be missused so when not allow the masses to enjoy the products and punish those who do missuse it
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    The key issue is not simply the misuse but the consequence of the misuse.

    Misuse of a 20g rocket is not good, but the potential consequence of misusing a 70g flash rocket is so great that steps had to be taken to mitigate the risk. Sometimes blanket change has to be made because of the impact of misuse, mistake or product failure.
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  16. But that’s like saying everything should be lessened because of the potential of harm it’s just never going to end if that they way you believe the issue should be solved if 5-10 years you’ll be lucky to be able to by a sparkler
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    The issue was...they were previously classified as 1.3G, however in reality it was a 1.1G event when tested. Difference between "Fire hazard or minor projection hazard (1.3G") and "Mass explosion hazard (1.1G)"....so thats a bit of a problem!
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    Anyone who has ever used Shock rockets will understand why they were taken out of the public domain. Great in one respect, but worryingly powerful.
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