Fountain 220g F2 / Cat 2 Silver Fountain

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  1. Silverfountain.JPG

    Here is my footage of the excellent 220g Silver Fountain

    This is Cat f2 with an rpp of £9:99 and is 1.4G.

    I had one of these before bonfirenight and was very imprssed with the clean burn, the bright silver colour and the amazing height. So I bought another from @Blackpool Fireworks to film :) . In terms of quality this is a massive step up from the multitude of fountains that come with selection boxes. I fired in the wind on this video the noise on the footage is a bit sharper than in real life. I'd say this was a perfect low noise item. Filmed witho0ut zoom from about 10 m away, maybe 12m, so suits a large back garden.

    nothing to fault about this, great value and top performance.
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  2. I agree Nick, superb little / medium fountain for the garden.

    Great footage. :)
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