Fountain 220g F2 / Cat 2 Silver Fountain

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    Here is my footage of the excellent 220g Silver Fountain

    This is Cat f2 with an rpp of £9:99 and is 1.4G.

    I had one of these before bonfirenight and was very imprssed with the clean burn, the bright silver colour and the amazing height. So I bought another from @Blackpool Fireworks to film :) . In terms of quality this is a massive step up from the multitude of fountains that come with selection boxes. I fired in the wind on this video the noise on the footage is a bit sharper than in real life. I'd say this was a perfect low noise item. Filmed witho0ut zoom from about 10 m away, maybe 12m, so suits a large back garden.

    nothing to fault about this, great value and top performance.
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  2. I agree Nick, superb little / medium fountain for the garden.

    Great footage. :)
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  3. just watching my own footage back ( #narcissist !) and it reaklly was a windy day- more so that I perhaps realised at the time. considering that, this wasn't so badly affected, but as always i'd say give these AT LEAST 10m watching distance.
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    You probably already know this but formulae is very rarely discussed on here and I'm half a bottle of wine into the evening but...
    The comp in these types of fountains or gerbs is Ammonium Perchlorate based with Titanium sponge being the main spark effect. As opposed to the "flowerpot" type found in selection packs which use nitrated charcoal and Lampblack with micro stars and nearly always way too much crackle.
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    Is the crackle there simply because its a cheap way of "enhancing" ?
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    Metal oxide crackling micro stars were first introduced in commercial fireworks in the late 80's early 90's via Chinese imports. It has since become an infestation in my opinion. Making almost every firework predictable and therefore boring. Given the ubiquitous use of the effect, I would deduce that it is pretty cheap to make. I love fountains, especially those that do not crackle. I think crackle is a good effect when used in a purely saturated and intense section of a show or as a pure crackle backyard fountain but putting it in every single selection box piece and almost every second barrage and rocket really does become tiresome. A 'cop out' if you will.
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    I agree about crackle, especially in fountains.
    I miss the old Standard selection box days where there was a genuine variation in fountain effects. A small cheap box I fired last year were ALL crackling.
    Celtic's Glacier Rising is first on the list of any display I do - perfectly consistent timings and height. Also for a bit of colour Zeus's Fireflies is superb. I've just realised that these are the only two fountains I have used in the last 5 years of my school displays. :eek:
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  8. It's not just fountains, i find crackle really annoying in every firework and how many don't have it?, this is why i try and select fireworks that don't include it but these days it's getting harder all the time, i would just have a coloured, palm, brocade or anything else finish and not annoying crackles!, very few British fireworks had this effect and all the fountains had different effects, not like now when 95% of them are the same!, if we could make non-crackling fireworks i'm sure the Chinese could too.
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    Same here. There are very good fountains out there without crackle though these tend to be cones in the classic silver titanium or high carbon steel gold flitter. Where are the aluminum flitters and true glitter fountain effects of yesteryear? The fizzing magnalium coloured flames? The delicate spurfire of Standard's Chrysanthemum Fountain? All gone when cheap crappy Chinese imports destroyed the blue touchpaper days.

    I'm not promoting the modification of consumer fireworks when I say this but as an example of working in professional displays for a number of years, mostly my own or helping a friend, we often remove whole sections of consumer cakes (we mostly use pure effect cat4 cakes but some consumer cakes are pretty bloody good too) which have that annoying crackle finale like almost all cakes have. I have a rather large collection of severed crackle finale portions of cakes sat in the storage unit. I got rid of a load about a year ago. Fused the lot with quickmatch, bound it all up tightly with fencing wire and let it rip all at once as an opening to a wedding show. Despite all I have said about crackle, when it's done with huge intensity, it really is quite exciting but it will continue to annoy the pants off me with it's incessant infestation throughout most consumer fireworks. Especially selection boxes...and I used to love selection boxes! Saying that, I'm off to a party later and have picked up a couple for when sat around the brazier in the woods after the pub. I'll probably love a bit of crackle by then...hic...
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    I’m afraid it all boils down to what the consumer wants, which on the whole is more for less
    A crackle effect is relatively cheap to use compared to other metal born effects
    Therefore joe blogs won’t pay ££££s for a 60 sec fountain but will pay ££s for one
    Us ‘pureists’ are the minority I’m afraid:(
    There are good fountains out there , you just have to search em out:)
    Same goes for cakes
  11. So in.leymans terms, it's basically a higher quality firework? Like the difference between Champage and Sparkling wine?
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    Hmmmm, arguably, yes. It's debatable. AP is a fantastic oxidizer but is incompatible with a lot of nitrate based effects. Some effects can only be made with AP like a lot of the new bright strobing stars for example. Personally I prefer gerbs with a BP based formula because I like the smoke and smell plus you get the added charcoal sparks too. AP based gerbs are favoured for stage effects because of their low emissions and low dross. I can pretty much bet my life that cone in the vid is AP based. Doesn't make it any better or worse than a BP based titanium spark fountain. All down to preference really though AP does hold out for longer on the burntime. So, you could argue that that cone is better "quality" and so there the great debate begins... What i see as better may not be what you see.

    Basically, I think at this stage of nerdyness, quality becomes subjective. I'm a stickler for old skool fireworks. The smokier and smellier the better but I can appreciate the evolution of pyro and it's advantages too. The joy of being a total geek is you can love all of this stuff in it's own way.
  13. I loved this, my only real point of comparison is seelction boxes and things i have seen over the years, so I'm not the expert, but juyst in terms of its performance, it's height and burn and duration etc I felt it was excellent all round. I see what you mean, sometimes it's hard to say "why" something is good- it just appeals. i think perhaps this kind of fountain is aimed at people looking to co-ordinate and do a proper little show (it's F2) , rather than just picking up a box the night before guy fawkes.
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    I agree. It's a great fountain. Definately something I would consider as a show piece. Behaves like a proper gerb. Would look good mounted on a framework with multiples as a setpiece.