PSK Training 22nd September 2019

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Rick, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Rick

    Rick Pro Firer/Crew

    Pwsk 1 day course
    Sunday 22nd September
    SW - venue a few miles from M5 J27
    £125+VAT (possibly less depending on numbers)
    pm if of interest
  2. beeney

    beeney Pro Firer/Crew

    Hi, I will be very interested in attending this if I can... :D and possibly not to bad on travel if I head down m4 from west Wales
  3. Rick

    Rick Pro Firer/Crew

    Drop me a PM and I’ll forward details
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  4. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    I'll be there. Was great fun last time.... Because there is a super pub next door :)
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  5. dogsbody

    dogsbody Pro Firer/Crew

    Me too...Roger no pictures this time please! Useful day.
  6. dogsbody

    dogsbody Pro Firer/Crew

    Any more for any more?
  7. Hi Rick, can you send me details if this is still open as I'm interested. Thanks.
  8. Rick

    Rick Pro Firer/Crew

    Category 4 Fireworks – ‘Person with Specialist Knowledge’ Competency
    Duration: 1 Day
    Venue: Ashill Village Hall, Ashill, Cullompton, Devon EX15 3NL
    Course Provider: Illuminate Consult
    Cost: £125+VAT

    Covering all the required theory elements of the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015, the Explosives Regulations 2014 (Amendment) Regulations 2016 and introducing additional materials useful for all display personnel

    This course meets the mandatory competency requirement for all persons handling Category 4 materials.

    The course includes a formal examination to be passed that provides a competency certificate valid for 5 years from the date of certificate issue.

    Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

    There is a pub close by for lunch.

    If you would like to attend please PM name(s), address and a contact email address.



    07704 732209

    01392 215152
  9. Rick

    Rick Pro Firer/Crew

    9.00 - 17:30