3 x Rhinofire Step 13s ( Hardly Used )

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    We have 3 x Rhinofire Step 13s for sale plus 2 x Rhinofire Trigger Boxes plus EBED3FD2-7A29-44D7-AC39-3AF770029A43.png 3 x Charging Units ALL in used but excellent condition.
    Hardly used ( Just Once last year!! )
    Cost new nearly £1,000
    Will sell for less than half price at just £450 plus free postage
    PM for details or call/text Geoff on
    07970 855540
  2. Firestormpyrotechnics

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    2 units now sold so just the 1 remaining
    Yours for £150
  3. Do you still have any of these Rhinofires for sale?
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    You can buy at only 599 GBP a new fireTEK FTH-48Fx module with 6 year warranty which has 48 channels (4 rails x 12 channels), advanced features and much more functions. It has an external trigger and it can act as a stepper: you can fire it from any other firing system: Step by step, Semiautomatic or Fully automatic. More of that you can cheap and easy split the rails for fronts setup.

    This module it is an older module but the new FTH-48Fx can be controlled in the same way and has now internal battery and a strong Fiberglas case.
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    I still have my two rhinofire for sale
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  7. How much are you looking for, one only?
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    I obviously way undersold mine ;)
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  10. Are any of these still available and are the trigger boxers still available thanks Ethan.
  11. pyrobrit

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    I have two for sale. No trigger boxes as I made my own (not for sale but can show picture of design).

    Both £150 each. Can deliver if time permits and depending on location.