Cake/Barrage 49 SHOT ENIGMA (JW405)

Discussion in 'Jorge' started by 1st Galaxy Fireworks, Feb 15, 2018.

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    Enigma was a new addition for 2018 A Spectacular Classic Golden Glitter Willow effect Barrage which proved so popular we have had to import another shipment for the New Year celebrations. 49 Comet Tail shots fly high into the sky, before bursting into Huge Glittering, Golden Palms! Ideal as a Finale Cake, part of a larger display or on it's own to celebrate a special occasion. Beautiful, Glittery and Magical!

    • New for 2018
    • Golden Glitter Willows
    • Loud bursts
    • Has the Magical WOW effect
    • 49 x 30mm shots
    • Category 3
    • 25 metres safe viewing distance
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  3. hofnerite

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    Is this the former Eldorado?
  4. Krony

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    It has the same JW number yea, was called Enigma on the firing list from last night.
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  5. paul s

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    Yes it is the same. Not sure why the name change - I quite like Eldorado.

    Will you be posting all of the lines from the demo @Krony . It's Good footage you have there, and a true reflection of stock product.
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  6. Krony

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    Thanks, I have videos of most of the items but i didn't want to flood the forum with videos of old products that probably already have a review, they can all be found on my channel here, I can add them into the relevant threads if it is wanted.
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  7. I think it’s always a good idea to post recent footage of any products already out there imo. :)
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  8. paul s

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    You can never have too much footage; it helps show repeatability and consistency, as well as year to year variations.
  9. paul s

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    Interestingly, my 2018 cartons have El Dorado's rather than Enigma. :confused:
  10. El dorado are better than Enigma imo
  11. and enemas!!!!
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  12. That's a New name for one of the 50 new lines your bringing in next year pmsl