6 Months To Go

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  1. Well 6 months to go! This year I am going to take it all a bit more seriously. Previously I'd buy loads, often whatever was on offer at the supermarkets, then spend then evening letting it off. By the end most people had wandered off to drink hot chocolate and/or beer, or watch Dancing on Strictly Come Talent etc. ;)

    So this year I am going to take it all more seriously, set a budget, double it and plan a proper display.
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    They will certainly notice a big difference between our sponsors pyro and the supermarket dross
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  3. What he said :) Impuse buying does have a role, but for bits and bobs - for your main display, you are deffo better doing your research and picking out what you like the most.
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  4. Well now is the time to start, May maddnes takes place for most sponsors so always be in the look out.
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  5. Some of the supermarket stuff was OK,but the issue was the randomness. We would fire with no particular order or method; not much else can be done when I don't know what each firework does! Tesco SuperGalactic Battlelordd (fake name) ;) could be low noise comets! :p
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    So this year I am going to take it all more seriously, set a budget, double it and plan a proper display.[/QUOTE]

    The correct way is to set a budget. Double it and double again or more. :)
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    Budget is a dirty word.....now overdraft...that gives options.... :p
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  8. Budget is always amusing, never gets stuck to.

    I've started ordering very early this year which is proving a silly idea, thought stick to a budget but get early deals and it be all good, then it's oh new stuff for 2018 let's buy that too!
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    Yep, I went to the Let’s Party demo night last year looking for two or three more pieces just to fill the last few gaps and ended up with 15 of them (and about 50% over budget)!
  10. How much do you guys spend? I know it's a bit like how long is a piece of string. I reckon £500 for give me about 10 minutes- 20 minutes with more rockets.
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    If you want to stick to a budget, pyromusicals are the way to go. Although I still shoehorn in items at the last minute, planning early and working out timings means I generally stick to a list. As for cost...
    The display I've got planned for November is about £80 a minute.
  12. Lol I'm small fry to some on here. I spend about £150 and that will do for about 20 mins
  13. There's a simple formula to pyro spending. You set a budget, say £100, then times it by 3, Ohh that looks good and it's only £20, and before you know it any budget is a figment of your imagination :rolleyes::oops:
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    Lol we spent 250 on dumbum finale alone.
    I was aiming for 5 mins and about£ 400. One episode with a failed rocket and we had £400quid for 1 minute. Epicly mental! Lol.
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    It's one of those questions that need careful thought, do you want a long show lighting one piece at a time or a short show lighting several at once?

    Or a failed rocket lighting everything at once? :p
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    budgets are great... Then sponsors have special offers!! . . :eek:
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  17. Pyro Pete

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  18. I start with an idea of what i want to spend and what i want and then i see something else and end up spending double!, too many temptations out there and with so much new stuff coming in again i know it will happen again!, some great new noise cakes this year that i will have to get.
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    Ditto the noise front loads of fun stuff im iooking forward to string together
  20. I love this so much :D Personally, I work 2 jobs, but both on limited hours; agency work and part time. I was one of those people who pre-credit cruch stuck it all on plastic. Oops.
    I'm much more positive now with money! I think I'm going to work to a set budget for my display , and have a back pocket budget for anything that I fancy for a more informal show or just for fun.
    So with rockets, might get a few bigger 1.3 ones for my show, and a few smaller ones for fun.

    It is addictive, isn't it!
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