6"shells out of China

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by blackbat, Nov 26, 2019.

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    I've been following (mainly American) discussions on Facebook for some time regarding new drop testing of 6" shells in China, but today the latest is :

    "Update News on China’s New 6” and 8” Shells Regulation:
    11/26/19: After Further Evaluation of 6” and 8” Shells The Governing Agency has Determined That 6” and 8” Shells are now to be considered 1.1G Explosives and Can Only To Be Shipped By Class A Companys they will also now be required in Special Drop Packaging Reducing the Case from 9/1 to 6/1 per case With this new regulation of 1.1G the new requirement would be to order 6” and 8” it would be required that 1 Full Container would have to be bought as 1.1G they can not be intermixed with 1.3G in containers making the entire container 1.1G required additionally several factory’s are being stripped of there’s permissions to make shells and roughly 80% of all in China are Class B Shippers and not class A this leaves these company’s scrambling to change classes it’s going to be a shit show for a while but going forward we can hope that America still allows us to manufacture here as well as other country’s. At this point we can pretty much say R.i.P to 6” and 8” shells".

    I wonder what this means for the European market. What I hadn't realised was that the US apparently has up to 10" shells classified as 1.3G. Not sure how this works as I thought UN classification was universal around the world.
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    I’m not surprised by this at all Justin
    I thought 7” & 8” would always go 1.1 regardless
  3. blackbat

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    And now 6s as well though?
  4. elmo

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    We will get it straight from the horses mouth in China in January
    But it seems it’s going that way from what I’ve heard
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    What does that mean for the UK, will we no longer see anything over 5" available or will it just become a bit more expensive?
  6. blackbat

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    Well it won't stop European imports, but they are much more expensive. I don't think it's clear yet what it will mean for China but it will certainly mean price rises if the 6" shells are shipped in drop proof boxes of 6 rather than the current cartons of 9.
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  7. And having to bring in a whole container of 1.1g and then having the storage for it.
  8. The question begs though, will it be 1.3g when it reaches the UK?
  9. blackbat

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    Good point. I don't see why it wouldn't still be 1.3G. This is something being imposed by the Chinese, supposedly in retaliation for the American increase in import duty for Chinese goods.
  10. Arthur

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    In the UK there are few people who could store a whole container of 1.1 but there are effectively no firework factories left who could supply UK made stock as 1.3.
    In the USA there are several factories making shells commercially who could take up the slack there. Whether we in the UK could/would buy 6" and 7" as 1.3 from the USA in quantity......

    Perhaps it's due to the Chinese packages failing the dropped as packaged test, in which case a better box is the answer. But perhaps it's just a directive from Chinese central government, who really knows?
  11. 8 inch shells of course are already 1.1g. I can always make 6 inch and 8 inch shells but the cost of C.E. marking is the fly in the ointment for me
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  12. blackbat

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    Unless you're in the USA apparently.
  13. Yes anything up to and including 10" is 1.3g
  14. The difference is madness, surely criteria for 1.3 makes it 1.3. I've heard of differences in payloads before plating ECT but how do they explain this.
  15. AF Pyro

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    As we understand it, because China is not a Competent Authority under ADR, they do not have to abide by the UN Default. The countries below are listed as Competent Authorities...you will see that China and USA are NOT listed, so can make their own rules. What this mean for Transport is that it will leave China as 1.1G unless they accept some for of mitigatory packaging to reduce that to 1.3G (or even 1.4G). Once in the UK, you could (in theory) repackage everything in to 1.3G UN Cartons...which would not be that practical. If you didn't, then the box labelling would apply and the although under UN Default a 6" or 7" Shell may be 1.3G, the packing details will apply and it would be 1.1G...which will affect storage and transportation.

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    Surly the main reason manufacturing ceased here was because it was cheaper to import from China. If this is now no longer the case then we may see the return of manufacturing in the UK. It’ll of course mean costs go up but most pyro has gone up recently anyway so I doubt we’ve seen the end of larger shells.
  17. maxywell

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    Wouldn't it still be cheaper to manufacture outside of the UK somewhere other than China, maybe India?

    There must be some Euro countries that could be cheaper too, especially eastern Europe and that would have the advantage of quicker deliveries.
  18. Ha, Malta is on the list. They really abide buy the ADR rules. Never seen a un carton over there, let alone one for a 29" shell.
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    There are some cartons.........
    I think they should have fruit in them :rolleyes:
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