60's Astra and Rainbow finds

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    I picked up these the other day, some more old stock, not sure of the back story but they were dusty like they hadnt been out of the draw they were in since they were put in their in the 60's.
    Interestingly there are 3 boxes with a sticker CRASH on them which is what the bangers are, so it would appear that Astra labeled there stacks with the contents, which is something i haven't seen before.

    The rainbow bits are nice too, pity the sticks are broken but ill fix them and then there are a few single astra bangers.
    All new to my collection so really nice to add so much. Only one i had before was the red signal rocket but it is marked as 3d and this new one 4d.

    20210914_090053.jpg 20210914_085105.jpg 20210914_085402.jpg 20210914_085740.jpg 20210914_085807.jpg 20210914_085843.jpg 20210914_085244.jpg
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  2. what a great find , lucky lad !
  3. Escht

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    Great, you got them at last, I know how long you've been waiting on these.........
  4. I have never seen the black and green label on the signal rockets, i only remember the red ones, Rainbow never made big rockets.
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    wow - there is just "something" about this old pyro - think it must be for those of us who were "very immersed in pyro" as youngsters - must stir some deep memories of childhood excitements and mischief !

    Certainly if I root around in my memory, thoughts of going outside in "proper dark" with a small pyro item or two, a box of Bryant & May and a little torch - that was childhood - the sense of excitement, devilment and anticipation was there to be found.

    A blue touch paper glowing away in the dark - no going back once lit - was just the antidote to too much school or similar. Happy days :) J.
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    Our bonfire night always started by first watching the Blue Peter display on TV that they used to do in their Blue Peter garden before getting kitted up and off up the garden to light the bonfire, tomato soup in paper cups, baked spuds and hot dogs, fireworks and then chucking the spent casings on the fire embers hoping for that one exciting moment when some unfired powder goes off in the heat............ then next mornig up at first light to scavenge for fired rockets and flyers........ I honestly think the reason the memories are so strong in my generation is that this all took place on just the one night........a night we looked forward to and that was then over until the next Nov. 5th. Not forgetting the 3 weeks or so leading up to bonfire night where we all practiced our demolition skills with bangers ( or was that just me ? ).......
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  7. Lovely stuff you've got right there :goodpost:

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    Well done on the new additions, very cool to see them again