62" shell

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Locky Smith, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Borden would not disclose just how much he has invested in his record-breaking attempt.
    "Everyone wants to know, and no one does," he said. "That includes my wife."

    ... sounds like most of us on here! :oops:
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    Article comments are miserable, so I made a reply :)
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    @Locky Smith - Hope it goes better than the last World Record attempt we viewed....
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  4. Amen to that mate.
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    Is this going to be streamed live?
  6. Arthur

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    I'd be satisfied with a youtube vid!
  7. FB_IMG_1549664925048.jpg
    On the move to shoot site. I've asked if it will be streamed, awaiting reply
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    Passfire are probably getting people to pay for them to go and see it and you can probably watch a stream of it after a 4 hour cobra advert...
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    Lol, i enjoyed the film and had no questions buying it but wish they'd have released the series on amazon too.
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    0300 GMT
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    The Super Bowl was hard! That will be harder, first thing after I wake most probably.

  12. Great article with pics
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    I'm not convinced that it's really 62" in diameter, if it is, the guy leaning on it on the back of the truck photo must be about 7'+ tall?
  14. Funny, I thought that too
  15. hofnerite

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    The casing is apparently 7 inches thick too which although necessary it makes me wonder whether a 3" shell surrounded by 7 foot of cardboard would beat the record? ;)

    I though the previous records were based on weight anyway?
  16. Will wait and see what the effect is as it's meant to be bigger then the biggest Japanese shells and once it breaks it should give some idea of the size as the Japanese 48 inch shells look bigger than that one.
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    Didn't quite goto plan then...
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    If it’s the correct link I just watched.
    It looked like it flower potted. ?
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