65,75&100 new racks

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  1. Nice to be working in the sunshine for once!!
    It’s been a while since Building mortar racks!
    Quite happy with these to start

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  2. Pretty pictures, have you done any destruction videos?
  3. Have been making similar racks for over twenty years and had shells flowerpot and they have stood up to it.
    They are glued screwed and nail gunned together.
    What would you suggest?
  4. I'm sure the method is as good as any, I'm not questioning that. But nice clean ply with unused tubes is going to make a 'nice' picture. What would maybe be a better post would include a video of how they perform in the worst case scenario.
  5. Arthur

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    Unfortunately the "worst case" is a known. A salute put in upside down will destroy anything tube and rack wise, and most things within 20ft will be damaged.
  6. elmo

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    That’s why most people don’t rack salutes
  7. AtomFireworks

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    Especially damn cylinder salutes!!!!
  8. Ok, a salute would be a worst case scenario so maybe my wording was not clear. But maybe an upside down shell, something tbh a bit stronger than a flower pot where the lift is pushing the forces out. I actually have great respect for imperial lotus as the destruction testing is viewable from them before you purchase.
    I too never rack salutes, but you'll be surprised Colin of the people who still do
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  9. Most modern peonies would do the same.