7" fibre glass tubes

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Locky Smith, May 16, 2020.

  1. any body got some for sale?
  2. Pyromania

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    Celtic were showing 33 available mid February - probably worth giving them a shout mate.
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  3. elmo

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    Mle ?
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  4. Sorry, should of said 2nd hand.
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  5. I have about 40!
  6. Wana sell any to malta?
  7. Pyromania

    Pyromania Pro Firer/Crew

    They’re not a kings ransom new to be fair - under a score each. But I suppose it depends how many they want - could get pricey if they want 100’s!
  8. Bugger all use to me at the moment, I only really bought them for Plymouth!
  9. is the law clear on sizes and classification in u.k of shells bigger than 5 inch. this was discussed but cant find any information really. canyou still get bigger than 5 inch in this country.
  10. We can legally obtain and fire shells up to 16”!

    Shells up to and including 7” are typically 1.3g 8” + generally 1.1g.
  11. nice one
    thanks for clarification