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    Hi guys. With bonfire night fast approaching I was thinking what were the first few influences that got me into fireworks. And has got me hooked ever since!
    My first experience was way back in 1987- I was 4 years old. My sisters made a special trip to Milton Keynes to get me a selection box which was a 30 mile round trek bless them. They got me a red Astra selection box. The name Astra was of no importance to me, only to happy to have a selection of my first fireworks. I remember probably three or four of them in particular being set off. The jet rocket was the highlight!

    Next year was on a smaller budget. My folks had separated and it was just me and me mum. Mum was nervous and setting of fireworks on her own, but my persuasive powers managed to win her over. We got a pack of black cat rockets. I would love to find a picture of them. They were standard black and yellow from what I remember. They had a silver tale from launch to a golden cascade. We bought them in 1988 from a local newsagent.

    I think the next few years we went to a friends garden displays. They were fun but what I really missed was the excitement of having my own fireworks to set off in our back garden. I’m guessing it was around 1993-4 and my mum bought me a selection of Standard sky avengers and champagne pop rockets! A few nights before November the 5th I remember hearing this high pitched scream, followed by a pause and then pop. My neighbour next door but one must have launched 2 dozen or so. Awesome. So my mum and I made a trip to beatties in Aylesbury and bought a few packets of Standard bottle rockets. My older sister was back living with us at the time. She set them off for me. Nearly every time a sky avenger launched off into the air she would flinch and gasp from sheer terror. I naturally thought this was hilarious!

    1995-1996 was back to the selection boxes. I’m pretty sure it was a standard twinkling star box. Mum had bought them a week before bonfire night and I remember pouring over them individually. I still remember that smell every time I opened up the box. That was around the time that I would collect empty rocket shells the day after bonfire night from the local firework display just behind my house. Very early the next morning! I owe a lot to mum and older sisters. It not easy being a single parent. But she always did her best for me. Thanks mum for the memories!
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    great memories , well put gazfire1983.
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    Dude. You were not alone. Around the same era I was doing exactly the same. I used to collect every spent firework in the street where my Auntie lives. It's a dead end street where there used to be a small round patch of grass with it's own concrete kerb. Like it was specifically left there just for bonfire night. The whole street donated stuff to burn on it and in those days that could be any old crap. There was always a guy put on top and the older kids were put in charge of lighting it. Everyone in the street came round it and lit fireworks all around. It was a health and safety nightmare and it was bloody marvelous.

    One year I was so caught up in collecting and watching and smelling and doing all the things an obsessed boy does when I just peed my pants. Needed to go ages ago but daren't incase I missed something. Didn't make it to the loo in time. Had to borrow my aunties pants and went back out there...

    I am intrigued...Black Cat in the UK in 1988?
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  5. Black Cat started in 1993 in the UK.
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  6. I could have sworn it was black cat.... but then I’m still learning. It was a long time ago. Wonder what the hell they were then?
  7. Benwell?
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    Lovely post @Gazfire1983 I think we can all relate.
    I used to collect the spent items too...it’s nice to hear of other eccentrics!

    Now Black Cat, I’m not so sure...later date. But nostalgia is a funny thing and can make us confuse dates at times. I’ve added a few 90’s pics below. Maybe you’ll spot them, maybe not....either way, I’m sure they will evoke something in you!

    8BF4CB76-BB09-4206-AF13-2CDAC770921A.jpeg 7E54E083-B2FE-4876-BA65-A73C5BCE4B3F.jpeg 38BFDEF2-A666-4EAC-9BC4-724D57D7AA30.jpeg

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  9. I still do collect the spent items, got sheds full of them, lol!, used to walk miles looking for dead rockets when i was a kid, still will pick up any i see local but you don't find much these days as most explode into little pieces!, if anyone is looking for anything dead from around 1977 onwards i may well have it!
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  10. Thanks guys. I will eventually get to the bottom of this. It was the late 80’s, 88-89. The rockets came in a pack of three, and they were black and yellow. Probably the size of a standard banshee. They weren’t anything special, it’s just the memory. I was 5-6 years old at the time. Would be nice to work out what they were. By the late 90’s early 2000’s fireworks were getting very interesting. This was my favourite era for sure. Such variety,
  11. Pack of three, black and yellow, I would guess Astra? There are various old brochures on epics Flickr, perhaps worth a browse through there.
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    Only pack of 3 that comes to mind is the Astra Jet rocket pack, correct 1988 era
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  13. Thanks Joss. Astra did cross my mind. Its makes the most sense, as this particular newsagents I used to stock Astra year in year out.
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    hi mate did they have blue touch fuse or visco fuse ?
  15. Thanks mate. This must be the packet for sure!
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    well done kevin , know the big sell , to the lad !
  17. Hi Tony. I don’t remember. But that picture Escht sent does seem to fit the bill.
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    One year I was so caught up in collecting and watching and smelling and doing all the things an obsessed boy does when I just peed my pants. Needed to go ages ago but daren't incase I missed something. Didn't make it to the loo in time. Had to borrow my aunties pants and went back out there...

    kevin does that every time he goes looking for bangers ! lol lol lol .
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    Very interesting stories and indeed I can relate to very much as far as collecting the spent items after bonfire night, I always thought too that I was the only one who had big cardboard boxes full of dead items afterwards, didn’t have them too long though before they were chucked out but followed the same procedure every year.
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  20. If you want to see big cardboard boxes full of dead items then come and visit me, my shed is full of them!, the rockets are up in the loft!
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