A fing I did for NYE

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    Shipped the nipper off to the grandparents for NYE this year, and it shall be so until she likes fireworks...

    Happy New Year everyone! A show my mate and I put together for NYE this year. I've overlayed the music as you can't hear it that well over the booms!

    This was a scripted show fired from the rainbow unicorn system (aka Launch Kontrol Pro Wireless)

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  2. Damp Squib

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    Absolute genius!..love the splice at 5.04 - great show and excellent soundtrack, cracking stuff.:)
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  3. alasdar

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    @PyroBoris how was the firing system? Any pics and are they still available to buy?
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  4. danielpyronutter

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    That music is from command and conquer 2 ps1, man I'm old lol :D:D
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  5. I thought it sounded very command and conquer!
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  6. PyroBoris

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    Thanks folks, it is indeed music from the Command and Conquer Red Alert soundtrack - I've always wanted to use Hell March in a fireworks display :) and CC Red Alert is a classic game of course! The 5:04 Trump splice was because my mate recorded in 4K and his phone stopped at 5mins, so we had a few seconds break before he started recording again! And then I had to convert the 4K down to 1080p before I could do any editing :rolleyes:

    I must give a big shout out to @EventTech who put up with my numerous messages and often silly questions regarding firing script conversions (from WPS's PyroIgnition software to FireTek to Pyrosure's .wyh format) and then also helping with firing system firmware updates, even when I bricked one of my modules weeks before NYE :eek: thankfully that got sorted out in time :)

    Also to @Chorlton Fireworks who provided most of the gear fired, it is so hard to beat Celtic for quality, even with all the new brands with quality products out there!

    Firing list:

    Blast Off x 2
    Flash Harry x2
    Party Silver crown (Royal Party)
    Blink Tail Silver butterfly
    Shellshock candle x 2 (Cube)
    Hong Kong Gold Tail
    Plutonium Pulse (x2)
    Hong Kong Crackling Tail
    Night Sky Storm x 2
    Blast Off
    Da Capo x 2 (Royal Party)
    Flash Gordon x 2
    Chemical Romance
    Whistling Wave (planet)
    Quantum Power
    Threes Up
    Spinner Tit Thunder Slice
    Jorge Thunder King (dump :))

    There were some Shockwave & Pulse Mines in the mix as well

    @hofnerite - after fixing the bricked module, updating firmware on the controller (and almost bricking that...), then working out how to write firing scripts for it, it was a nice system to use! Here's a pic of the kit

    I'm not sure who still has any in stock, but you can get the blue v2 modules here and these are compatible with the LK Pro controller.
  7. Quasar

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    Really enjoyed that...it was excellent! Fireworks with a metal soundtrack go very well together! :D
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