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    Now that we are into 2021 I would like to look back at one of my firework highlights of 2020, it was an MP by the name of Jacob Rees-mogg, this man is truly a legend in his own right, he had petitions thrown at him left right and centre from the ban brigade all year and also had to put up with other MP’s chewing his ears off about the ban on fireworks, one incident has put him into the fireworks legends history books, that incident was where he was asked by another MP about banning fireworks and he very calmly stood up in parliament and gave a very sharp and hilarious “NO”.

    In history every famous legend has had a picture made with a famous quote they have said, I don’t think Jacob should be any different, so I made a quote picture in his honour, SIR jocob, thank you for standing up for all of us in parliament and defending what we all love for :p:p
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    His one redeeming action I would argue.
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