A knock at the door

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  1. Someones going to be getting a knock at the door!

    Whilst I can't divulge specifics. We had a call today asking for some information / clarification.

    I'll make a list.

    Air Freight
    Royal Mail Sorting Office
    Split Package
    Dum Bum Bangers
    Bomb Squad
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  2. hofnerite

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  3. hofnerite

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    Throw the book at them. It's idiots who import illegally who ruin it for the other 99% who are responsible with fireworks.
    I hope they get jail time and an example made of them.
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    Indeed, silly silly boys, quite happy with my legal pyro.
  5. danielpyronutter

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    When you can get top quality 1.3g 30mm Barrages legally I just really don't see the point in bangers, just a bang no effects vs multiple volleys of bangs with effects, no brainer for me but unfortunately some are tempted by the forbidden fruit it seems.
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  6. Is there such a thing though as ignorance of the law?. I mean we get enough 'people' asking every year ' what's the loudest firework I can get?'. Why would they believe an online forum when online they can purchase such items, seemingly legally. Who's to blame?
  7. I’d like to believe a prosecution will follow but I doubt it, Manchester is awash with them and they know exactly who’s selling them and to who, nothing is done about it, that bloke in Bradford had a house full what did our T/S officer do, nothing, zilch, they might visit them and say did you know these items are illegal, no officer, ok well don’t do it again.
    I mean bomb squad for a few bangers wtf.
    No doubt more bad publicity.
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    I mean bomb squad for a few bangers wtf.
    No doubt more bad publicity.

    Exactly. This will do nothing to promote legal sales/prevent illegal sales. It will however give strength to the argument against fireworks in general. Trying to deal with these matters is a double edged sword.
  9. It’s easy for us to say ffs, but the person finding them in a warehouse full of people and other items may have no idea what they are dealing with and in this day and age they just can’t take any risks
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  10. hofnerite

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    Surely any publicity from this will be good for the industry.
    It shows that illegal fireworks are entering the UK which backs up the BFA saying that a lot of the anti-social firework use is from illegally imported gear.
    It will hopefully lead to a prosecution which should deter others doing the same.
    If any idiots turn this into a "fireworks should be banned" debate then they are barking up the wrong tree! This is precisely why they SHOULDN'T be banned!
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  11. I’m sure someone could work out fairly quickly what they were.
  12. just make all fireworks legal simple ;);)
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  13. Indeed- part of the problem is that a most basic google search "where can I buy fireworks" may well produce results to dodgy sites as well as legit ones. I mean, google the most know dodgy website starts with b and there are over 60 google reviews.

    Smart people will do their homework, but not everyone is smart.
  14. I thought the 'B' operation had been closed down but am I incorrect in thinking this? certainly, their website seems to be up and running but whether you get anything if you order it I don't know. Also watched a video from one of their customers in Ireland (where they are banned) who lost part of his finger with one of their products. Just shows that even if you ban a product people will still get hold of it and then there is no protection for the consumer - I think the word to the anti firework people is 'be careful what you wish for'.
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  15. Research the bs video interpol put up
  16. They were up and running again within weeks.
  17. Arthur

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    There is a company in France who have supplied Petards and other "French" bangers to the UK by post for years. There is simply no chance of stopping every airmail package and checking it, especially when the UK and France were both part of the same customs agreemeent. The web name frenchbangers seems taken by a music group but the old firm is still there.
  18. All transactions are recorded any orders made to these company's people make are recorded. It's a matter if time till authorities come knocking. Easy option to say is dont do it. Spend with a sponsor savour what we have as it will one day , il be talking about what we used to have now to my children
  19. part of the problem is that sites could be for stuff that is perfectly legal in a specific country (not b specifically as they obviously are shipping abroad.)

    its the big question for the internet age, to what extend can websites be sensored internationally?
  20. Arthur

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    The big trouble is that suppliers will use unsuitable postage for their goods, but it's plain for those that look that posting any form of explosive is illegal in any regulated western country.

    Every vendor in this country wishes that the Post Office would take fireworks, but they don't simple.