A little teaser.

Discussion in 'Firework Events And Displays' started by Locky Smith, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Where can I get info about Malta pyro events, dates, what's on etc?
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  3. Screenshot_20180117-145251.png Screenshot_20180117-145300.png Screenshot_20180117-145314.png
    These are the official dates of the feasts. Unfortunately there isn't any specific info on pyro but most of them have some in various amounts.
    There is a show where, last year 20 factories get together with six shells each, will check the date for this.
    Ground firework comp 14/4
    Festival will be end April.
    If you want to get involved, I recommend a feast as the official events are a pain to look around.
    Do you have any rough dates in mind? I have friends in lots of factories in the south, we already have a trip in June (Unfortunately full), then 21/7, 14/8, 1/9. Plus maybe some in between. You can either tag along or i can hook you up.
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    Which factory is that, @Locky Smith ?
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=1uYxyOw_UoM
    It's called 25th November (that's the date of the religious part, not pyro)
    They will be providing a lot of the Arial shells for June, we will for sure visit here to view finished product and St Catherine's aswell.
    We will no doubt pop in to St Mary's to view some work in progress.
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  6. FB_IMG_1516214801332.jpg
    Closing and spiking of salute inserts.
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  7. FB_IMG_1522477422013.jpg
    At Mount Carmel factory
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    My slight OCD tendencies are soothed by that photo ;)
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    It is a thing of beauty...:)
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    Nice bit of testing too
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    Looking forward to this - last fireworks blast for me was in a temple compound in Kerala, nearly five months ago.
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  16. 20180506_112431.jpg
    Having a lesson on pasting shells for the battery.
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