A Lovely set piece by Celtic.

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  1. Stand out Celtic set piece today.
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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Awesome, cat 3?
  3. hofnerite

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  4. Simply lovely
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  5. K9Girl

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    Lovely, mind you, would never work for me :(:p
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  6. we,d make it work
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  7. Da Main Mouse

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    You have more contingency in a larger pieces,
    If a pinwheel dont spin thats it. On something like above if one driver doesnt does it will still spin. Dependent on design obviously.
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  8. How nice is that :)
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  9. Tinderbox

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    Bloody hell those drivers have some burntime don't they?! Look AP based going by lack of smoke and duration. Brilliantly simple in design and effective. Noyce.
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  10. itstricky

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    The colours and effect there are superb. Would buy!
  11. any idea on a price?
  12. I would love to see some decent cat 2/3 set piece fireworks. Surely, there must be a reasonable market for such things?
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  13. hofnerite

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    Cost of manufacture, physical size, low demand, CE probably makes them non profitable. :(
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  14. Would they be re usable?
  15. Tinderbox

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    Sandling replied when I mentioned they offer lancework. There just isn't the demand th warrent the huge amount of time and resources in creating such things. Then you've got the fragility of the work which is required to pass certain destructive testing for transportation regulations and then you've got the CE testing. Jo public just wants red green bang crackle whizz pop. It's only us who are really into the artistry who would want such things. Just not feasable.
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  16. If there was enough interest in set pieces Celtic would bring them in for retail. Quality wheels cost - consumer customers will pay over £100 for a barrage that lasts between 40-60 seconds, but for a quality decent wheel that lasts upto 60 seconds they wouldn't want to pay above £20.
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  17. Da Main Mouse

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    Got that right :p We must be mad, oh wait a minute :rolleyes:
  18. So this wheel was on the demo list as retail, how much would you pay for this wheel.

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  19. Tinderbox

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    A really nice wheel that. It's like Celtic's Big Sun (cat4) with the red lance spiral but half the size. I'd buy that for £40 easy. There's not many good large wheels out there really. Most of them use those crappy coloured flame drivers with no spark throw. Be lovely if someone brought out a wheel with proper glitter drivers too. I like this wheel. Classy.
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