A Ray of Hope

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  1. A ray of hope.... finally.

    If BoJo can vaccinate all adults with the first dose by the end of July, and with the talk of rapid tests for events, pubs and clubs, it's looking very positive for Bonfire Season 2021.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    Hopefully we'll find out more from the roadmap on Monday.
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  2. Let's all hope so.with so many businesses closing especially in entertainment and hospitality now is never a better time for a monitored reopening. Be good to see if the uplift in pyro sales remains the same when the big displays fire back up.
  3. The reports I’m getting from the big on line boys is, trade is way above last year.
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  4. And long may it last. It's the large customer base and sales that will thwart any of dornes like from ever stopping our pryo as gmp.
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    Absolute bonanza sales last Nov.
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    If all restrictions stop on the 21st June it could be a bigger day for fireworks than Nov 5th!
    Boris loves his Churchillian image so what better than to have his own VE Day. Could be quite the party.
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