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    I have been going through my collection prior to putting it into long term storage and the following items don't fit in to the era i collect.
    Important - these are all in southern Ireland, i will be coming to the uk in August and can bring them with me then. If im over beforehand ill bring them. Or other arrangements could be made

    I would rather swap items as i want to build my collection but i realise people wont have items to swap, so i have decided that the best offer by the 28th April gets what ever is wanted, this should at least give people a chance who don't visit the forum that much.

    I collect all brands of fireworks from pre 1972 as the core part, but i also collect 1990-95 standard and i am looking for the aerial selection box from then, along with the blue and yellow mine of serpents, fans and battery's and mercury rockets.

    All but one or two items are live, the shooting star box is the last of the British stuff it has a few chinese items in it, as it's from the cross over. The nova star box is empty. I have more of the DSC_8606.JPG DSC_8607.JPG DSC_8608.JPG DSC_8609.JPG DSC_8610.JPG DSC_8611.JPG DSC_8612.JPG DSC_8613.JPG DSC_8614.JPG bright star bangers and rockets

    if you have any interest in bit's pm me
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    The three boxes of fireworks have gone but the other bit's remain if of interest to anyone.