Abingdon Festival of fireworks

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  2. I expect it will be good, Karl always puts on a good show.
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  3. Would love to go to this tonight.
    Does anybody know what the car parking arrangements are like?
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    Yep, I was right. It was special.
    Extremely busy considering the weather throughout the day.
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  5. Yes, very good event.
    Thank you to Karl and the crew for a brilliant evening!
  6. Some footage from YouTube, really please with our inaugural event, huge turnout - some 12,000 people came to see us on Saturday night!

    Watch for the special closing hit after the musical display ;)

    This is one of the biggest shows around :)

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  7. My daughter also filmed from front row and has uploaded her video here:
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    Amazing Show ... Well Done..
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    I didn't know this was your own event. I'll definitely try to make it next time. Love the final hit idea. Can see this being copied in other displays!
    Very impressive. :stashten:
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    Some very nice gear and sequences there. Tasty i i enjed it
  11. A little video we put together of Abingdon FOF - we think this is one of the largest displays in the South!

    Looking forward to returning to Abingdon Airfield in 2019 and a possible second location :)

    Enjoy this nice arty video!
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