Abingdon Summer Firework Festival 2020

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  1. GTRpyro

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    Check out the trailer here...

    4x pyromusicals including a massive closing show by @Illusion Fireworks .
    Hot air balloons with night glow and sky divers
    Aerobatic pyro display team.
    Massive fun fair, stalls, BEER :D, food & drink...
    Have a picnic, prosecco and soak up the great atmosphere :).

    It's gonna be HUGE!

    For more info and tickets, follow the link below to the website...
    Get them in early to avoid dissapointment :).

    Abingdon Summer Firework Festival
    Saturday 22nd August
    Abingdon Airfield, Oxfordshire
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  2. GTRpyro

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    Right! who else is coming to this one? It would be great to put some faces to names, and names to forum names :confused:. It's always nice to see an event packed full of pyro, and one that gets bigger and better every year... Dont forget to bring the friends and family too...

    You will be surprised how many of your friends actually DO love fireworks! (My own mother surprised me!). You never know, we may even gain a few more pyro addicts joining our community :)
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  3. hofnerite

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    I've booked tickets for the family. Should be at least 7 of us there. Like last year we'll be right at the front. ;)
    It was absolutely brilliant last year so can't wait for this one.
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  4. Thanks for your support guys, increased budgets and significantly improved facilities this year plus a MEGA sound system.

    Plus an exciting announcement coming soon!
  5. I'll definitely be coming again, i helped Sean and the Art of Sparks team set up last year and it really is a fantastic event!
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  6. GTRpyro

    GTRpyro Pro Firer/Crew

    Looking forward to meeting you hof :).
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  7. hofnerite

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    Likewise! :cheers:
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  8. elmo

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    Errrrrrrrrrr @hofnerite
    You won’t be ‘right’ at the front ;)
    Front and Center as always :cool:
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  9. hofnerite

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    haha, I aimed for the centre last time but there was a big bloody speaker stack in the way. I did think of sitting on top of it. :D
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  10. Da Main Mouse

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    Me and Carl will more than likely be coming. Was a great experience last year. :)
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  11. GTRpyro

    GTRpyro Pro Firer/Crew

    Hopefully be nicer weather than Southport 2019!
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  12. GTRpyro

    GTRpyro Pro Firer/Crew

    Will you be wearing something distinctive, like a batman costume or a massive umbrella hat?

    Give me half a chance! ;):cheers:
  13. Dodgey

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    Was superb last year. In my diary for this year.

    Can I private book a portaloo ? :)
  14. Book VIP for luxury loo’s :)
  15. thescarymonkeyshow

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    This was a brilliant event last year, will definitely be coming again!
    Glad to hear the toilet situation will be improved! ;)
  16. hofnerite

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    I'll plan my clothing nearer the time. My neon pink gimp suit might be in the wash. :cool:
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  17. scoops

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  18. Da Main Mouse

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    Well have the youtube hoodies or tshirts on, so jus keep an eye out for my logo :)
    Nice editing on the video too.
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  19. hofnerite

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    I spotted you last year but I was in the middle of a 45 minute queue for food. :rolleyes:
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  20. Hoping to make this year. I'll actually be in the country for a change!