Abingdon Summer Firework Festival 2020

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  1. 2.5 at each end :)
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  2. Official closing show footage :)

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    Excellent :)
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    Amazing. stunning. Well done to you and your crew.
  5. i see the abingdon Fireworks This Nov is over 2 days this year is it the same Fireworks over both days ?
    i go every year and i cant remember it being over 2 days before.
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  6. Illusion Fireworks do you know whats happening with the abingdon Fireworks This Nov?
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    I would think he probably does :)
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  8. We are running Abingdon Fireworks over two consecutive nights this year, tickets are already on sale and capped for safety.

    Abingdon will take place on 14th and 15th November

    We also have two more Covid secure events lined up one in Berkshire and one in Buckinghamshire more details on these new events soon :)

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  9. ok thanks for that. i just wasn't sure if was on or not
    if been going for the last 6 years its great night
    and im going this year going to book my tickets tomorrow ;)
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  10. its sham its not on next month i was looking forward to it like i do every year :(
    i just have to rebook my tickets for next year ;)
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    What makes you say it's not on?
    As far as I know, the events are still going ahead.
  12. i was told it wasn't on
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  15. Its good to here its still on :)
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    Future world music- Dream chasers
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