Adding delays between fireworks

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  1. This came up in another part of the forum:

    In this guide i'll show you how time make time accurate delays and connect them between fireworks:

    To do this we will be using Time Fuse see here:

    First it is important to measure your delays, time fuse burns at 3 seconds per inch, so to create a 30s delay you will need to cut 10 inches of time fuse, to do this measure the time fuse with a ruler and mark off the desired length:


    You MUST cut the time fuse at a steep angle, this ensures maximium surface area for ignition, use suitable scissors:


    Next insert the time fuse into the side of a suitable length of quickmatch leaving a 50mm length of exhaust (without this the pressure will force the time fuse out without ignition), ensure the powder core makes contact with the match strands:


    Tape securely using electrical tape and cover the exhaust end to protect from cross ignition:


    For this guide I am simulating the ignition of 2 fans of candles, for the purposes of this demo the candles are dummies, this is only to show the fusing in action.


    The tail exhaust of the candle fans we made in the other guide now serves the purpose of a 'fire transfer' fuse (clever eh?!), the safety fuse for the set of candles to fire after has been removed, it is between these two points we will insert our delay:


    Bare the match from the 'in' end of your pre-made delay and insert into the exhaust of the first set of candles, tape this securely:


    Insert then end of the time fuse about an inch into the ignition point of the second set of candles (or firework if your using another item) and tape securely:


    Using cable ties ensure the delay is secure:


    The fusing in action:

    Note these are dummy candles

    You can repeat this as many times as you like using cakes / mines or anything you fancy, get creative!

  2. UGE


    Can this be done with the Fast Pink aswell?
  3. Yes, do you want to see how to join fast pink to time fuse reliably?
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  4. UGE


    please mate
  5. Nice guide, only slightly disappointed there was not a quick "ta daaaaaa!" on the end of the video soundtrack ;)
  6. Maybe next time :)
  7. swazzle

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    Well done karl , wish i knew this info for previous displays ive done, would have saved a lot of hassle
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    A word of caution on delays, and I may be stating the obvious, but I think it's worth stating. There is a potential issue that if something fails and causes something else to move or point the wrong direction then normally you wouldn't go and fire the next piece, however if that's already got a delay burning going into it then things could go from bad to worse.

    Not saying don't do it, just asking that you all think about what could go wrong and how you are going to fix it if it does.

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    Brilliant - look forward to the pink version. Am I right that the actual delay in the vid was less than 30 secs?
  10. It was 26 seconds I used the offcut accidently!
  11. Is it ok to use tin foil as weather proofing on all cakes, candles etc?

    Would you for instance cover the whole top surface of a large 500 shot cake?
  12. Andy_P

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    Yes, but it will make a hell of a mess.
    Why not use clingfilm or thin white bin-liners?
  13. ambientskies

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    Tin foil will help stop those cross ignitions, but not so good on waterproof, make time & do both :D
  14. Venger

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    Definitely use a clear refuse sack/bag (personally I hate using clingfilm) and if cross ignition is a worry, use a sheet of tin foil over the top of the cake, this can easily be removed before firing and recycled afterwards.
  15. I'll put together a waterproofing guide next week
  16. K9Girl

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    How does this translate to cakes? Ie how do you use delay fuse between cakes?
  17. Winjas73

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    You can't really with Cat3 cakes, if you mean "follow on"? With Cat4 many cakes have a 2nd fuse or chain fuse.

    You could technically join visco from one ignition to 2nd cake, but easier to just have 2nd cake on next cue..
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    Thought so but wanted to check, cheers @Winjas73 :)