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  1. Hi All could someone help me with this i was under the impression the Awakening was a compound but just found out it is not im also new to Pyro so could someone delicately assist me on how to do this please.
  2. What makes you think it's not?
  3. Awakening is not a compound firework. If it was then the fuses would be joined at the factory at time of production (as stated in the regulations). Awakening is barrage pack containing 3 individual shot tube battery requiring external support (as stated on the safety labels).

    There is no provision within the regulations to provide instruction of any sort on how to join fuses together on a firework. The reserve fuse on a firework is there to allow the consumer to light the firework in the event that the primary fails or the product stops for whatever reason.

    In this respect Awakening fulfills all the obligations of BS EN 15947, The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations and General Product Safety Regulations. Furthermore the product has been independently tested and approved by an approved Notify Body in accordance with the Pyrotechnics Articles (Safety) Regulations and carries CE approval. We would therefore consider that it is fit for use by the general public.

    We were asked to confirm if the label for the primary and reserve fuse was correct and we provided some advice on this. If a labelling error does exist, this does not constitute a breach of the essential safety tests associated with BS EN 15947.
  4. That was 2 years ago!
  5. :rolleyes: .
    As i said i'm new to pyro was looking around and just wanted to prepare myself. :newhere:
  6. Always best to look at the actual firework you have in hand as that is the most relevant item to you. Not go buy what's online as items change all the time.
  7. I'm at work. Haven't looked at them yet properly as when i did well you counted how many rockets just went missing :whistle:
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