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    Its Ultimate Finale at £49.99 (see pdf of leaflet on previous page of thread)
  2. Has some nice colours in it, but wouldn't even be on my list at £50 im afraid!
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  3. The raging raptor looks fun. Is it good value? Anyone know the nec?
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  4. 175.3g
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  5. I'm a fan of the Raging Raptor. I think it has a decent variety of effects for the price (crackles, whistles, falling leaves, spinners and bursts) and the golden 4-shot finale is impressive and rounds off its performance well. Looking at other supermarkets and their alternatives, I think the only other small cakes I'd buy (in that price range) would be a few Plasma Attacks from Lidl (126g NEC - 16 Shot - £7.99 each or 3 for £20). It depends what you're looking for really.
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  6. I would so love to see that, would be so cool.
  7. I forgot to say if you were doing this battle would you be adding discount from a sponsor or would you spend exactly £100 like you would in supermarkets with no discount?
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    Sponsor website prices mate

    And yes it is going ahead in December
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  9. Cheers Daniel looking forward to it :D
  10. Just popped into Aldi for some bits and bobs for dinner tonight and ended up walking out of there with a back of loud and clear shot tubes couldn’t help myself;) anyway anyone needing any last minute fills hears a picture of what they have to offer.
    553E5AB7-F8CF-4534-BEEE-77B7F22D76EA.jpeg F8EE8297-6572-414F-9AD4-FD1CBC60102B.jpeg 5CF6ED6C-D834-478A-9F47-49151063B320.jpeg
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  11. was in Aldi last night, had to laugh at "Pinky Blinders!"" wonder what inspired that name, lol! Didn't have the chance to buy anything, was with my girlfriend who was keen on some cheap candles that smell like cat sick. :p My opionion.
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  12. Just noticed that my Loud and Clears are down from 61g to 43.25g NEC, the same as Asda's Furious 5. Will have to see how different the effects will be.

    Looking at the production year under the bar code, it appears that you picked up some higher NEC Loud and Clears from last year @Lee boy
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  13. Think I'm one of the luck ones not much left of the 2018 tnt loud and clear shot tubes. Think I might have to go past Aldi this weekend to pick up some more
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  14. I know sometimes with larger products esp brothers they seem to change the formula. Calibre and nec go down but it doesn't really effect the performance. Here's hoping shot tubes haven't surcomed to the tone it down attitude of late
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  15. Yes, I agree. I should be firing some tonight if the weather is okay - I'll let you know if the effects have been toned down. Hopefully they haven't been changed much as I'm a big fan of the Loud and Clears - the red/silver strobe and silver palm effects in particular.
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  16. Hey all. Fired a pack of Loud and Clears tonight and I'm pretty sure they have been toned down a little. Still a decent bang, but I think their effects faded a bit quicker than they did before. Also noticed there was no glitter with the palm effect, which was a tad disappointing. Will have to see if the other pack I have is the same on Tuesday.
  17. Lidi still packs the most :) they have not been toned down.
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  18. I also fired a pack of Whizz Bangs and they do appear to be a bit bigger and louder than the Loud and Clears. It's a shame I couldn't get a pack of the Whizz Bangs last year; my local Lidl said they didn't stock them.
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  19. Have you done your shootout of the shot tubes?
  20. Still got to try a pack of the Furious 5s from Asda (I have a feeling they'll be the same or pretty close to the Loud and Clears). Will be firing all of them properly on the 5th - if the weather is good!
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