Aldi fireworks 2020

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  1. Not saying UKFR members had anything to do with it, but...£4-99-now-recalled.18698/page-14

    ...the following year Lidl switched brands.

    Shame really, since WECO make some good stuff, that at the time at least was excellent value if you picked well.
  2. Yes but Lidl have stocked Weco again since then. 17 and 18
  3. Just checked my TNT Flight of the Bumblebee - same instructions on that :confused:
  4. 2013 examples of Loud and Clear, showing the difference in NEC.

    BEC41A37-A5AA-43F7-807C-38FF9B29918E.jpeg 5C28DB9E-A4AC-4E06-B833-201ABC094033.jpeg
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  5. In my opinion Aldi offer the best value amongst the major supermarkets and the video below concludes my series of supermarket brochure reviews.

  6. I think The Range has the best value out of them all! Bright star fireworks are better quality than TNT
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  7. My comment was purely regarding supermarkets. I also agree that The Range offer better value than that found in the major grocery stores.
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    Great work again @Duskyfuse and I agree, if you take the cheapest selection box as an example, it has a higher NEC than many at that price and includes shot tubes and a wheel.
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  9. I bought the Loud & clear last year and found they were brill. I made a little video as well :) mainly for memory purposes ;)
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  10. I went into my local Aldi and they had sold out of the smallest box ☹.
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    Little update on Aldi fireworks

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    I've never really paid much attention to supermarket sales after the 5th but the fact that they're sold out of so much must be a sign that it was a good year for them.
  13. Anyone know if they are stocking for NYE?
  14. I believe Asda and Tesco are the only supermarkets selling for NYE
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    Is that coulsdon aldi ?