Amazing what turns up in the back of the shed these days

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  1. So been having a big old clear out and getting rid of a lot of old pyro bits and found these hidden away.

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  2. Tinderbox

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    What stuff have you discarded? You may well get some interest from collectors. That signal looks interesting. Is it live? Trying to work out how it would be used.
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  3. Escht

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    I would imagine the tin held later version of something like this 1941 example
    pains flare.jpg
  4. Richard Lane

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    Yep’s mine..same sort of thing 48D5D27D-DB6D-48EE-800C-23450825857D.jpeg
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  5. Escht

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    It's out of the same tin mine came from............:):):)
  6. Richard Lane

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    Absolutely….you can see they’re identical :rolleyes:;)